Friday, 17 August 2012

toothpaste kisses

shoes - new look

This little beauty only arrived on my doorstop this morning but I just couldn't wait to share it with you as I've fallen a bit in love with it and have been floating around my garden pretending to a fifties housewife all afternoon as it does make feel rather regal.

I love the contrast of the white with the mint pleated skirt (attached as part of the dress) and collar tips, it's such a stunning summer outfit and once slipped on I guarantee you will feel particularly classy and elegant and might have to resist the urge to prance around. Its lightweight feel makes it comfortable to boot on top off gorgeously girly - I even whacked out the pink lipstick! 
There's not much more I can say in terms of bigging this item up, it's taking pride of place in my wardrobe.

p.s say hello to Maxxie, my neighbours cat, who actually lives with us as it just won't leave and scratches at the living room window to be let in if we do try to urge him back towards his owners. He is a cutie though, right?

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  1. this dress looks really lovely on you, especially the hints of mint. the pink lips go really well with it :) xo


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