Monday, 20 August 2012

ghosts that we knew

nude vectra's - topshop

It was a bit hit and miss today weather wise, but nonetheless I sported this cute little mini dress from Oasap. The combination of cut off denim with the floaty sheer skirt caught my eye, I really like the particular detailing of this dress from the grungy zips to the little bow embellishments on the buttons. I paired it with this winged necklace with blue pearl stone which reminds me very much of the golden snitch in Harry Potter, yes I'm a major Potter fan - I even queued up for the new books at midnight in my local tesco's!

I think this dress has much more of an edge and attitude to it compared to the more dainty dress I was gratfeully sent from Oasap which you can view in this post here. The flowing skirt retains the femininity juxtaposed with the collared up and sleeveless denim top half. One thing I would say about the skirt is that it is quite see through so lighter coloured underwear is favoured. I, however, did not realise this till much too late when I was parading around quite unaware that my sexier choice of black la senza lingerie was on display to the local shop workers at Co-op when in fact that view is very much restricted for my boyfriends eyes only. I'll be making sure that's a one time occurrence!

Right now I'm struggling getting started with my dissertation, I have a knack of leaving things to the last minute - not the best attribute when dissertations are all about planning and time management! Any helpful hints and tips would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I love that necklace, totally understand why you think of HP! I can't say I ever queued up for the new books but I always had them preordered on amazon!
    And do not leave your dissertation till last minute - the stress of a looming dissertation deadline made me feel so much more sick than a big standard essay! Get someone to kick your ass - I got my fiancé to make me! ;) Good luck!! Xo


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