Sunday, 5 August 2012

Lola - Marc Jacobs

Lola - Marc Jacobs 100ml* £63 (boots) - prices do vary in different stores

I had been lusting after this perfume for a very long time but couldn't quite stomach spending that much on a perfume instead sticking to my staple Ghost and Ghost Sweetheart - I have bottles and bottles of the stuff. You might remember me recently blogging about how the boyfriend was away in Magalluf, well he was an ultimate sweetheart and brought me this back as a present to surprise me, alongside a ginger cat souvenir, which I probably got more excited over in all honesty, to match my locks and my best friends nickname for me 'ginger kitty'.

I'm am a sucker for pretty packaging and aesthetics wise this doesn't fail to please in any shape or form. I love the majestic purple casing and flamboyant floral lid to match its floral based scent. It is such a gorgeous bottle and to be quite honest I think that's what attracted me most to this product so their product packaging team got it spot on in terms of marketing. 

In terms of scent it is quite rich and musky in comparison to its sister Daisy which has a lighter and more fresh scent. It smells quite strongly of lillies so a little goes a long way and so if you're like me and have a tendency to go a bit spritz crazy and douse yourself in perfume, don't. You really only need a few sprays and   it really does smell divine.

It is quite a pricy product but in terms of longevity I think it will be quite long lasting and therefore more worth your money. It is more of a luxury item and I'm extremely grateful to Jon for picking this up for me because I personally couldn't afford it willy nilly.

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