Thursday, 9 August 2012

its not easy being green

grey vest top - h&m
 high waisted pastel green pin stripe shorts - topshop
green plimsoles - h&m (old)
necklace - topshop sale (old)

Hello sunshine! Topping off my week by being able to lounge in my sunchair, after dusting it down from its year long hibernation in the shed, and catch up on some reading whilst the rays beat down upon my milk bottle skin adding a new cluster of freckles. Lovely jubbly. I even braved bare legs in these pin stripe hot pants in public which is a big thing for me as I've always had issues with having my legs on show but some how today I plucked up the courage and let the sun beat down on them quite happily indeed.

Earlier this week I was notified that I'd been picked , well this little ol' blog had been picked, by the editor of Pocket Change as their 'Editors Pick' which left me absolutely stunned as I always get whenever my corner of the internet gets any mention whatsoever. Later in the week I was then also e-mailed by Clare from Dotcomgiftshop who informed me I'd been added to their list of top shopper blogs alongside the stunning Gem Fatale! They were awfully nice about me and made me sound so much cooler than I actually am in their little intro to 'Little Red' which you can find here. I'm really chuffed and overwhelmed by all this new found praise and support so here's a MASSIVE thank you to you all once again - cheeseball soppy mode ensues - your support really does mean the world to me so sending you all virtual hugs right now.

Tomorrow Jon and I are off to Hyde Park to enjoy one of the final days of Olympic fever and soak up the patriotic pride that's left London positively glowing these past two weeks. We've prepared a not so little picnic, brimming over with savoury snacks and chocolately goodness! I cannot wait and if the weatherman is correct the sun will add to what I'm sure is going to be a perfect day out. Keep and eye out for a little photo diary post of tomorrows events.

Hope you're all are enjoying the weather, have you got any plans for the final few days of the Olympics?

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