Tuesday, 14 August 2012

storage: t k maxx

Floral Tin Storage containers (which go very well with my duvet cover) - T K Maxx 
large - £2.99
small - £1.99

Just a quick little post to show off my new, very cath kidston-esque, tin storage containers that my nan picked up for whilst we were browsing in her local T K Maxx. I must admit I've never really bothered venturing inside T K Maxx before despite seeing many bargainous homeware hauls on youtube and lifestyle blogs but I'm glad my nan dragged me in their, even if she only wanted to spend twenty minutes sniffing various scented candles...

At just under £3 for the larger container I just couldn't keep my eyes from glaring back again and again at the  aisle they found themselves housed in and my nan soon cottoned on and offered to buy me them on the premise I bake some cakes to bring over in them. I'm not sure whether I'm going to use them as baking tins or just general storage yet but I'm thinking of using the smaller tin as the new home of my nail polish collection!

I love all things knick-knacky, and personally always have a nose at storage posts, so if you have any posts or storage tips please let me know as I'd love to have a gander!

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  1. These are Really pretty, I have always found great storage things in tkmaxx and its always different x

  2. I think the store is called TJ Maxx, not TK Maxx, right? Also, it's CATEGORIES. No R needed.


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