Friday, 30 November 2012

I'm living on such sweet nothing

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Dress - Pop Couture*
Millicent Stud Boots - topshop
bracelets - topshop
earrings - pop couture*
nails - models own Southern Lights & Blizzard
If you saw my post on the Pop Couture Event that I attended last week you will already know that they were generous enough to let us choose an item of our own to review. I chose this plush velvet, burgundy dress, and I absolutely love it, don't you?
Yes, so posing in it whilst we're experiencing minus degree weather, and in front of a very amused crowd just off Oxford Street, was more than just a little bit chilly especially with the waistline cut outs, but I had to show off the beautiful detailing. What I didn't manage to catch on camera is the black lace back with golden flecks which, together with the gold studded collar chain, help to complete this dress as a go to night out number. For £22 I think its a complete and utter bargain and I can't thank Pop Couture enough

I was hurrying around the glittering streets of London again last for Louise Thompson (from Made in Chelsea, for any reality tv junkies like myself) for Goddiva Fashion Launch but more on that in an upcoming post! It's beyond amazing witnessing my city in all its festive glory. Oxford Street was, as always at this time of year, brimming with tourists, shoppers, and locals all taking in the Christmassy atmosphere and I well and truly caught the festive bug - squeee! I even popped up my Christmas tree this evening, earliest its ever been up and all I have to say is bah humbug to it being bad luck, I like being keen, okay.

Are you getting into the Christmas Spirit this year? *plays Mariah Carey's 'All I want for Christmas' on repeat..*

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Topshop Lipsticks: Beguiled & All About Me

Topshop Lipsticks in Beguiled & All About Me £8 each
Bit late in the game maybe, but I am well and truly a Topshop make-up range convert. My personal favourite items from their range is obviously the lipsticks, holla my fellow lip junkies!

I currently only possess two in my ever growing hoard of cosmetics, but Beguiled has become a fast favourite, especially fitting for the autumn/winter period. I find myself picking it up almost daily, feeling bolder and braver every time I wear it, and its battered appearance is a result of having it always readily armed in my purse. You can see me wearing it here, here, and here.
Beguiled looks a bit forbidding in tube form but once applied is a much softer plum with pinkish undertones. I find Topshop lipsticks highly pigmented and easily build-able for more of a statement lip which Beguiled is perfect for. 

Next up, All About Me. Pinks scare me. Hot Pinks especially. I'm extremely fair skinned with red hair and so I've always listened to the warnings of darker pinks and yellow clothing being off limits. However, I'm glad I rebelled and tried it out for myself. All About Me is an accurate title for this lipstick as it really won't fail to get you noticed. It leans slightly lilac in its undertones, and due to its vivid barbie-pink-come-bad-girl shade it can make teeth look slightly yellow compared to a blue-toned classic red but if you're up to date on dental hygiene you'll have nothing to worry about!
I love the bright pop of colour with a toned down eye look and pale blush. I normally slick it on when wearing a very understated outfit, say a classic LBD with a twist, or jeans and a slouchy jumper. I think this lipstick would look especially gorgeous on medium to dark skintones but us pale girls can reap its rewards to.

What are you favourite Topshop lippy shades?

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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

feeling festive: xmas bucket list

feeling festive: xmas bucket list

I saw Becky come up with a Christmas Bucket List and I really wanted to make my own. I'm always one of the first to get really excited about Christmas - it's my favourite time of year and I just can't wait to get all my decorations and tree up and start wrapping gifts to pop under the tree! I always make such elaborate plans to do SO many things around the festive season but never wind up doing any of it so I've made a short and sweet festive bucket list which I want to complete this Christmastime. 
I come from a REALLY big family and so Christmas is always packed and noisy and full of children running around, you know just a general buzz, but I love it that way and that's why I'm really sad that this year most of my family are away in America for my Uncle and Auntie's wedding, which I can't afford to go to *sniff, sniff* - needless to say, Christmas this year is going to be veryyy different and it just won't be the same surrounded by the motley crew that is my family. I'm going from spending Christmas with a hyperactive bunch of over twenty to a small and quiet day of six. I'm determined this Christmas will be just as good as any other and although Christmas is a very family orientated time for me I've decided to give a little back to other individuals that I don't know and that are more in need this year by helping to make decorations and home made Christmas gift packs.

What's on your Christmas bucket list? How do you normally spend the festive season?

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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Pop Couture Xmas Party

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On Thursday evening I made the journey from Reading, which is where I live for University, back home to London for the Pop Couture Christmas Event. After numerous train cancellations and delays I felt a bit deflated and not in the mood to travel to be in London, for a mere two or three hours, especially with the gusts of wind and rain being thrown in the mix. However, I am SO glad I did. I had an amazing evening at the Neo Barbican and met some really lovely bloggers who were all so down to earth and we all had a good natter over yummy cocktails and in between scoffing on canapes - okay, that was mostly me. I was super hungry.

I bumped into some friendly faces recognisable from twitter, such as Milly and Julie, as well as many new like the gorgeous Jo, Desiree, and Banke - hi girls!
We was all lucky enough to be given a tag on which we had to write our name and size before greedily eyeing up the array of printed trousers, velvet dresses, and glamorous peplums on display for us to choose an item from for our very own. I chose a burgundy velvet, cut out dress (see above) - it was calling my name and I can't wait to try it on when it arrives! If that wasn't already enough we were also treated to mini makeovers and many of us opted for a bold glittery lip, Lauren and Jemma chose a midnight black lip but I was a bit wary and asked for purple instead - I am in love. Despite the very odd looks I received making my way home through Paddington station, and sitting among businessmen on their way home, I loved the pop of purple and glitter combo and really wished I asked what exact MAC lipstick she used.

Pop Couture is a great fashion brand which is suitable for those who still want to look fierce on a budget - I couldn't recommend checking out their site enough - cards at the ready, girls!

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Friday, 23 November 2012

drops of jupiter in her hair

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turtle neck tank crop top - pop couture*
skater skirt - topshopboots - topshop
 spike drop earrings - pop couture*
nails - topshop eclipse
This outfit somehow reminded me off sexy office chic which I have never ever pulled off and yes, I know, it's very grey, but I really like it. I absolutely adore the burgundy boots and they are mega comfortable, seriously walking in heels is a mean feat for me, I'm usually useless and am that girl you see carrying her heels home at the end of the night. Classy bird. 

I want to take a moment to introduce to Pop Couture, I have got a post about them coming up shortly from their event I attended last night which was SO lovely - I met so many really lovely bloggers there and we all got chatting away so if you're reading this HEYYY! Pop Couture is home to some really gorgeous pieces and I've been browsing their site most of this afternoon after an early morning lecture, not only that but the price tag is a very warm welcome for us students. The earrings I'm wearing above are a very cheap and cheerful £3, bargain!

I've gone back to a more nude lip again recently after braving bolder lips for quite some time now I think it's time to strip back a little. What do you think?

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012


For those of you who believe that a photo is worth a thousand words this post might just be for you. I do love the written word but this post would be rather hefty if I went into every little thing I loved about last night at the Motel Xmas Party. I had an absolutely amazing time, the cocktails were scrummy (if it wasn't for a jippy tummy I would have taken FULL advantage of a free bar), the music brought floods of old school nostalgia rushing back, and I got chatting to so many lovely bloggers. I regret I didn't have time to talk to everyone - let me know if we did have a chat as I'm useless with names!

There we have it! An evening spent being pampered by Eyelure, My Face Cosmetics, and the oh-so wonderful Lee Stafford whom sadly I did not get the chance to let his magic, hair beautifying, hands get to grips with my mane. I think Jemma, Lauren, and Lucy would agree that one of the highlights of the night was the photo booth which, after a cheeky cocktail or two, we all clambered into to pose our faces off dolled up in a cluster of Christmas gear and the odd sailor. We also all left gratefully owner of a Motel Christmas gift so I want to send bundles of virtual lovin' to the guys at Motel and everyone that helped put last night together - it was truly a top notch evening!

If you were there last night do let me know as sadly I didn't get a chance to speak to quite a few lovely bloggers that have tweeted me! I'm getting TOO over excited about Christmas this year, I think it was Home Alone on Channel 4 the other night that did it. Are you getting in the Christmas spirit?

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We're not in Kansas anymore

Jacket - Miss Selfridges
Bobble Hat - topshop Mittens - primark
Dress - topshop Millicent Studded Boots - topshopj ewellery - delilah dust*
nails - ted baker*
Not the most glamorous and beautiful backdrop for a photo shoot but I quite like it against my how dolled up I am. Jemma took these snaps of me before we headed to the Motel Rocks Xmas Party in East London for a night of cocktails, pampering, and photo booth fun (wait, for my next post to see more!). I had a wonderful time and met so many lovely bloggers as well as singing a long to a collection of tunes - Lauren I'm looking at you!

The aztec print of this dress is what sealed the deal when handing over my card, it has a real wintery feel to it and I thought it was perfect for a Christmas party as well as a daytime dress. I am the biggest pansy when it comes to braving the cold so you might be able to tell in the shots of me without my trusty leather I am f-r-eeee-zingggg! I was forcing my poser face and literally hopped, skipped, and jumped back over to my mittens and hat as soon as I could.

After having such a good night it's always hard to come back down to reality and go back to typing up mundane essay's and religiously annotating text books but university calls so I best leave it here - who else is wishing it was the Christmas holidays already?
If you like the jewellery items be sure to check out Delilah Dust - there are plenty of gorgeous handmade items and you can use my discount code 'little red' for any purchase you make :)

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Friday, 16 November 2012

Float down like Autumn Leaves

Dress - topshop Knitted jumper - primark
Jacket - Miss Selfridges
Bobble Hat - topshop necklace & bracelet - delilah dust*
studded millicent boots - topshop
Another week done and dusted and the day light hours are becoming increasingly less but I actually quite like the gloomy weather we've been having as it always makes me feel cosy when I'm wrapped up at home. However, snuggling up in my duvet is not on the agenda for me this weekend as I have a quite a busy time of it with my friend's 21st Fancy Dress Party tomorrow evening where I'm transforming, hopefully, into an elegant 1920's flapper. I'm more excited to see Jon's costume though as he's going all out as Thor from The Avengers donning a long blonde wig and everything!

I have mentioned Delilah Dust to you all before I am sure but I cannot reiterate enough how much I love Antonia's handmade pieces and for such a purse friendly price tag too which you can also reduce further still if you use my discount code 'little red'. I can't wait for my order to come through and the one off gem stone necklaces are my favourites. 

What are you up to this weekend? Do you like my bobble hat, it caught quite a bit of attention from the old ladies sat outside Greggs!

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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Bloggers Breakfast with Avene & Klorane

Never a girl to refuse a hearty breakfast I was delighted when Pegasus PR held a bloggers breakfast  at The Delaunay (which me and Jemma found ridiculously hard to find despite the fact we was actually stood right outside it - don't ask!) and showcased the latest from the Avene Skincare and Klorane Hair care ranges.

I had heard of the Avene line before but had never tried anything for myself so I was really intrigued to hear what some of the fuss was about. We were taken through the range, which specialises not only in understanding more about sensitive skin but aiding it through specific products. There is a tier used when understanding what type of sensitive skin you may have starting with sensitive, then intolerant, and finally allergic skin types. According to which group you belong you will pointed towards the right products for you. For example, the Antirougeurs range (which retails from £14.50) is geared towards those who suffer from rosacea-prone skin - so signs of redness, broken veins, and flushing.
Two products that caught my eye especially were, firstly, the Very High Protection Tinted Compact SPF50 (£24.00) which is great for the on the go girl and offers long lasting UVA protection, as well as a great cosmetic coverage. However, the problem I found with this product, for me personally, is that the shade they offer is far too dark for my skin tone but would work really well for medium-dark skin tones. The final product that caught my attention was the Micellar Lotion* which reminds me very much of Bioderma, which I'm sure you've all heard and seen rave reviews about. Luckily, we were given this product to take home for ourselves and I can tell you now, make-up removal has never been so easy. It's gentle. It's soothing. It's quick. I bloomin' love it. After use the team at Avene recommend a spritz of Eau Thermale* (Thermal Spring Water) which acts like the sought after Caudalie Elixir but for a cheaper price tag. Reviews will be coming soon!

As for Klorane, a brand that was completely unknown to me prior the breakfast, I found the concept of using particular plants for particular hair types and problems innovative. Sourced from all over the world from Bulgaria to Morroco, a lot of thought and research has gone into finding the right plant to solve every specific hair care issue. Both Avene and Klorane offer up 100% natural ingredients which is something I seek for my skin and hair care as I have both sensitive skin and scalp. From pomegranate scented shampoo, for those with coloured hair, to Mango, for dryer hair types, and all for a very cheap and cheerful £6! I will definitely be stocking up. Popping over to John Lewis now!

Are you a lover of all things natural? Do you suffer from sensitive or blemish prone skin?

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