Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I drink to remember, I smoke to forget

Jumper - Nordic Poetry*
Leggings (disco pants) - American Apparel
Millicent Studded Boots - Topshop
jewellery - Topshop
What a beaut of a day I have had! Initially the thought of being up, fully dressed and primped, and out the door and in London Town all by 9am left a feeling of dread as I am most certainly NOT a morning person. However, I headed over to Covent Garden this morning to meet Jemma - seriously, this girl has not only the most amazing eyes, but the most amazing sense of humour too - as we started our day as 'ladies of leisure' firstly heading to the bloggers breakfast hosted by Pegasus PR. Huge thanks to the girls at Pegasus and the PR's behind immersing us in the world of Avene and Klorane skin and hair goodness - the continental breakfast was just what we needed to kick start our day and was absoultely de-li-ciousssss!
After sauntering around the back streets of London, and gabbing away, like we'd known each other for much longer than that of an hour, we then set off (relyling, naturally, on the god send that is Google Maps!) to Task PR where we was pampered to our hearts content via their nail bar - see above my newly manicured digits, I forget the product name but it's from OPI - and treated to dishes of crab cakes and chocolate mousse! Seriously, I tell you I wish this was my everyday routine, a girl can get used to it veryyyy easily. 

Post - pampering, and in high spirits, Jemma suggested we take our outfit of the day snaps in the hustle and bustle that is Oxford Circus, I was a little shy and getting my posing face on with the public all around but we found a cute little doorway on a slip road by Topshop and got into position. As you can see, I opted for the lean not-so-seductively against the wall pose in order to showcase the batwing sleeves of my new favourite jumper* from Nordic Poetry. Nordic Poetry is a brand that I did not know much about before but when offered the chance to choose an item from their range I was literally spoilt for choice. A range that encapsulates the heart of retro and vintage fashion with oh-so-cute dungaree's, the most a/w friendly range of jumpers in various patterns and bold shades, and even the odd kimono thrown in for good measure. Not only do they offer a great choice of clothing for women but their mens range is equally alluring. I recommend popping on over and taking a peek for yourself, trust me.

After a very long day, lot's of good grub, and a not so comfortable train journey home I'm ready to bury myself in my duvet and snooze to my hearts content. What do you think of my jumper? I love it!

P.S. If you want to see more pictures of the day follow me on instagram (ohlittlered) and please leave yours in the comments as I need more to follow!

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  1. Great outfit! Your hair is amazing xx

  2. you're so fit and I feel like I have known you for years after today! fabbbbulous! roll on next time! pss, so gottta look at this site cus I want your jumper, if you had taken it off I would have stolen it! xxxx

  3. what a perfect winter sweater! i love it!

  4. Your jumper is so adorable! It sounds like you both had a lovely day :) xo


  5. I love this jumper and I love the red door! X

  6. I'm in love with your jumper! Your deep berry lipstick and nail varnish looks so pretty xx

  7. That jumper is perfect! I love it! Looks so cute on you - looks great with the disco pants :) x

  8. Sounds like you had a fab time! And that print on that jumper is amazing! :)

    my instagram is: sindyng

  9. What a great blog! So excited to read some more when I get 5 mins :)) please could you check my blog out? It's new but has lots of things coming xxx Serenitybeautywithkat.blogspot.com xxx

  10. Ohhhh I am so in love with your jumper!!


  11. AMAZING jumper and I love your hair, it's amazing!

    The Teapot Blog

  12. Sounds like such a lovely day :) That jumper is a beaut'! Definitely going to be looking into Nordic Poetry! <3 xx

  13. Found you via the #fbloggers chat: you are so gorgeous, I always like finding new fellow redhead bloggers!! Your taste in nail polish and arm candy couldn't be more like mine... plus I love your sweater!! Not heard of Nordic Poetry before, I'm going to have a look at their website :)

    It's been great chatting on Twitter, am now following you here and on Instagram too! Do drop by mine if you'd like to say hi!

    Catherine x
    (Instagram is @notlamb)

  14. I am so in love with this jumper it's unreal!

    Ami x

  15. Loove that jumper so so much looks so cosy. My instagrams sandytbb if you fancy it. Randomly came across your blog and I absolutely love it!! xx


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