Tuesday, 20 November 2012


For those of you who believe that a photo is worth a thousand words this post might just be for you. I do love the written word but this post would be rather hefty if I went into every little thing I loved about last night at the Motel Xmas Party. I had an absolutely amazing time, the cocktails were scrummy (if it wasn't for a jippy tummy I would have taken FULL advantage of a free bar), the music brought floods of old school nostalgia rushing back, and I got chatting to so many lovely bloggers. I regret I didn't have time to talk to everyone - let me know if we did have a chat as I'm useless with names!

There we have it! An evening spent being pampered by Eyelure, My Face Cosmetics, and the oh-so wonderful Lee Stafford whom sadly I did not get the chance to let his magic, hair beautifying, hands get to grips with my mane. I think Jemma, Lauren, and Lucy would agree that one of the highlights of the night was the photo booth which, after a cheeky cocktail or two, we all clambered into to pose our faces off dolled up in a cluster of Christmas gear and the odd sailor. We also all left gratefully owner of a Motel Christmas gift so I want to send bundles of virtual lovin' to the guys at Motel and everyone that helped put last night together - it was truly a top notch evening!

If you were there last night do let me know as sadly I didn't get a chance to speak to quite a few lovely bloggers that have tweeted me! I'm getting TOO over excited about Christmas this year, I think it was Home Alone on Channel 4 the other night that did it. Are you getting in the Christmas spirit?

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  1. looks like you had an amazing time and you look lovely :) xo

  2. I was there too, it was an amazing party!

  3. It looks like so much fun. I'm definitely very excited for christmas, can't wait! x

  4. This all looks so lovely. The pink parcels are intriguing! xx

  5. I didn't see you at the event! Looks like you had an amazing time though! :) Xx

  6. you dont understand how jealous i am! this event looks amazing, and I missed out all cos of this stupid flu!




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