Thursday, 30 May 2013

Beauty Spotlight: Super Facialist By Una Brennan

I've been on the hunt for some more purse friendly skincare items to take the place of my more costly cleansers and facial oils, so when Alix popped this post up about the Una Brennan skincare line I headed straight for my local Boots.  The Super Facialist line offers up three ranges which include: Rose for hydration, Tea Flower for a deeper cleanse, and Neroli for firming. As I find my EH Cleanser does a good enough job in terms of a deep pore cleanse I opted to pick up some bits from the Rose Hydrate range as my skin has been irritatingly dry and de-hydrated as of late.

Now, I do adore my REN Clear Calm Clay Cleanser for days when I'm a tad more prone to blemishes and the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm for the evening but I felt my stash was lacking a more every day gentle cleanser, and that's where the Rose Hydrate Calming Creamy Cleanser comes in. The Creamy Cleanser and the Miracle Makeover Facial Oil are a great cleansing duo that has given my skin a new lease of life and added a much needed radiance.
The stand out product for me has to be the facial oil which acts as a pre-cleanse to the skin, I literally use a pump of this and massage it onto my skin in circular motions. Not only does it give off a subtle rose scent which I happen to love but this oil doesn't leave a greasy film on the skin which I have experienced with cleansing oils in the past. Only problem is I can see this running out very quickly!
Next up, after washing off the Facial Oil I then up the anty with the Calming Creamy Cleanser. I find this cleanser great for those of us with sensitive skin as it is super soft and brilliant at reducing redness which is something I tend to suffer with. My skin feels so refreshed and supple afterwards and I can see this becoming a fail safe team within my skincare line up.

Last up on my Una Brennan binge is the Radiance Day Cream with SPF15, I picked this up due to a severe lack in daytime moisturisers. Let me tell you, this day cream is SO soothing, the cucumber oil and marshmallow extracts work wonders at calming the skin which offers up a healthier base before applying my daily make-up. My skin does appear more radiant, nothing too radical but definitely a product I would re-purchase purely due to the way it calms and hydrates my skin. I thoroughly recommend Una Brennan SF, great skin care on a budget, what more could you want ;)

My eyes are on the Tea Tree range next! Have you bought anything from the UB Super Facialist range? I also recommend keeping an eye out for the 3 for 2 offers in Boots, as it saved me some penny's!
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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013

I ummed and arred over whether or not to post this but I thought "why the hell not", so here's my little piece of shameless self promotion...

Blogging has become such a huge part of my life, every day I find myself flicking through bloglovin' catching up on my favourite reads, or jotting down blog post ideas in my little pink notebook, and joining in when it comes to weekly blogger chats. I have made friends, true friends that I would not have crossed paths with had it no been for my little ol' corner of the internet. I've gained opportunities and experiences that I would have never thought possible which truly have made me feel so much better about my future and Little Red has proved to be one of the only things I'm truly passionate about. Woah, I know. Deep stuff.
I've never entered myself into any competition like this or really put myself out there in both my personal life and online but it just twigged that I am ridiculously proud of my little blog and how far it has come in such a short space of time, and how thankful I am to each and every one of you that reads LR. It's that time of year Cosmo start up their Blogger Awards and it would be absolutely incredible and mean the world (cheesy cliche's I know, but it's true!) if you would wish to nominate Little Red in the 'Best New Beauty Blog' Category. It's really simple with a quick click here you can nominate me (or any of your favourite blogs) and you will be asked to enter my blog URL and a couple of details.

I wish the best of luck to all those nominated and I love to see the blogging community put out there and have nominated quite a few blogs myself that I think should be appreciated. Thank you to any of you that do nominate me, thank you thank you thank you. I love blogging but I love interacting with bloggers even more so, so for the millionth time thank you all!
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Complexion Combo: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser & L'Oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer

With the sun baring down in full force and my usual foundation of choice (Estee Lauder DW) being far too heavy to use for these gorgeous spring days we're having so I've opted for a foundation free face for the past few weeks. I don't want  a heavy duty foundation masking my freckled face, and if I'm honest most days I've been rocking the bare faced look, which is working wonders for my skin that's been soaking up the Vitamin D.

When I do feel adding a base for my makeup or adding a light weight coverage I have been reaching for this complexion duo, the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 20*, and L'Oreal's Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer. The LM Moisturiser adds just another coverage to smooth over any pesky pigmentation marks as well as adding much need moisture to the skin to produce a healthy looking glow. I've literally been mixing this together with a dash of the L'Oreal Primer in the palm of my hand before massaging onto the skin with my RT Buffing Brush before dusting on a touch of powder, a slick of my Korres Lip Butter and I'm ready to go.
The L'Oreal Primer acts as a highlight with its satin white formula which adds a dewy touch of radiance to the skin, for those of us after Millie Mackintosh skin this primer doesn't fail. It can be used alone under foundation for the same effect. Finally I add little touches of the primer to my brow bone, cheekbones and nose if needed and voila! Glowy skin be mine.

My skin is reaping the benefits of a much lighter coverage for day wear and I found this combo a great alternative to the hoard of BB Creams out there. No more hiding my freckles, that are popping up in their masses! What are your top base products for a foundation free face?

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Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Sunday Post: Larks in the Park

With the weather having actually stayed sunny for a good solid week, a very pleasant surprise for those of us who are acquainted with the British Summer, me and Jon decided to head to a local country park to snap some outfit shot's and take in some much needed Vitamin D. A quick ten minute drive and we was out of the hustle and bustle and swept up by greenery, quaint little country cottages, and cute little farm animals (but we'll get on to that later!).
I'm not quite ready to whack my pasty pins out completely and so opted for this monochrome maxi skirt  which I found whilst rummaging through the rails of Primark. Paired with a floaty top and this Zara triple tier tribal (alliteration at its finest ;]) statement necklace for a touch of colour, I found this outfit to be comfortable for those days where you still want to look nice and stay cool whilst out and about.

Amongst the meadows, out door amphitheatre, and walled gardens we found a cute little farm next to some allotments and the cutest little tea room. Sadly, the animals were all caged up and not in open pens but I still couldn't help cooing over this fluffy little bunny and clucking along with the roosters and hens.All in all I had a pretty perfect day (hayfever aside, boo!) and it just goes to show you can have a fun day out for free if you just have a look around you. What are your plans for bank holiday weekend, are you lazing in the garden with a BBQ on the go, or are you taking advantage on your local beer garden?

Whatever you do, have a good one!
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Friday, 3 May 2013

New In: Zara Lacquered Platform Sandals

When it comes to heel's I tend to stick to what I know which are bog standard Dorothy Perkin's black wedges, x6 and that's my heel collection. So, when I spotted this pair of lacquered sandals on the Zara site I felt one of two things, first being these shoes are bloomin' gorgeous, but secondly will they suit me?

I did opt for the safer brown shade only to find they were completely sold out in my size, but I really loved the style of these sandals and so decided to get a pair in the shade Ecru instead. Upon arrival I was an incy bit surprised at how red the heel is, as I thought it would be more of a dark mahogny but I've grew to love it. They're super comfy, and I feel utterly gorgeous in them, and that's what matters most, right?

These sandals are well worth the £40 investment and add a much needed touch of colour to my shoe stash, perfect for holiday's and the summer months! What do you think?
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