Thursday, 29 March 2012

weekend wishlist #2

weekend wishlist #2


001: Beauty blogger favourite and hair heaven, I've been after Morrocan Oil Hair Treatment for quite some time as my tips could do with some hair salvation. However, I'm finding it hard to justify the hefty price tag, any alternatives?

002:  NARS is one of my all time favourite brands and my go to for blushes and so I've been really tempted to try out the new Miss Liberty highlight!

003: Another hyped up craze is the new Maybelline Color Tattoo's which are a great alternative to MAC Paint pots, I've spotted a few shades in my local superdrug and for a much more student friendly £4.99! I think these would act as great eye primers and have been lusting over Bronze on Bronze! (Official launch is in April!)

004: The UK has recently been delighted to wake up to brilliant sunshine and it's time to swap my boots for my flats, however upon browsing through my shoe collection I realised I was in dire need of sprucing up my flat collection! I've had my eye on these studded Vectra's from Topshop and a cheeky online purchase may be in order!

005: I've been feeling a bit nostalgic recently and reflecting upon the good old days of 'run outs' and sporting a fine pair of denim dungaree's. I really liked the quilted pattern on Miss Selfridges denim dungaree's.

What have you got your eye on at the moment?

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

NARS Laguna Bronzer

Nars Laguna Bronzer £25 can be bought here.

Alright, alright so I'm a tad late on posting this review and I know NARS Laguna Bronzer has popped up on g-zillions of beauty blogs before but I thought I'd add my two pence.

I'm always really cautious when picking out bronzers as you can most probably notice, excuse the awful picture quality I'm on the hunt for a decent camera, I'm extremely fair skinned and the tango'd oompa loompa look just doesn't cut it for me. I have quite substantial cheeks, my dad often refers to me as "deputy dog" or "hamster cheeks" as they've always been quite squeezable since I was a baby and so I've always had difficulty in achieving the killer cheekbone look.

Nars Laguna Bronzer is excellent for contouring and adding a little glow to your skin, you only need a slight dusting on an angled brush and it does the trick without coming off too stark from our ghostly pale skin. I think this shade is gorgeous for pale to medium skin tones for adding a bit more definition to sculpt in our desired cheekbones, or to add a touch of warmth to our skin tone during the spring and summer months.

I love the NARS standard rubberised packaging for extra protection, with compact mirror to boot, perfect for slipping in your hand bag and on the go touch ups! The only gripe that I have with the packaging is that dirt and grime stick to it like no ones's business and so that clean and crisp packaging won't stay the same for long!

At £25 it does seem a bit overpriced for only 8g of product however you do not need much to achieve a completely natural looking glow, it applies smoothly and evenly and doesn't leave that horrid blotched effect that reminds me of 'The Only Way is Essex'... It also has a slight shimmer that acts more like a highlight which is gorgeous for fairer skin tones without being too pigmented so that you don't look like a sparkly disco ball, I really would recommend this bronzer for the paler girls out there to try for a golden, but natural, looking glow.

I think I've found my perfect bronzer for my fair skin, what do you think? Will you be trying this out?

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