Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Sunday Post: Burgers & Bad Dates

Phew! This week came and went so quickly, I've had a jam packed week and consumed a lot of tasty treats on the way...

Earlier in the week I met up with Lauren Number Two for a long overdue catch up, we gorged ourselves on what has to be said was the best crepè  I've ever had. Milky Bar melted chocolate and strawberries seriously do make the best combination EVER. Only to be topped by a second visit to My Old Dutch with Team Gleam, plus Tanya and Jim, later in the week. For snaps of the ultimate pancake of all pancakes and other goings on this week, take a look at my instagram (ohlittlered).

On Thursday evening, I met up with these two beauts, Suzie and Luce. It was really lovely to finally put a face to all the blog love I have for these two, and all the tweets throughout the past months. We headed over to Patty & Bun, a first for me and Suzie, and stuffed our faces on the juiciest burgers with rosemary salt chips, bliss. Thoroughly recommend a visit. After our bellys were well and truly satisfied we popped along to the Pimms Summer Garden to try out the new Pimms blackcurrant and elderflower flavour, it did not disappoint.

I was also sent along to the shoot of Dating Dilemma's, hosted by Jim Chapman and TOWIE's own Lydia Bright. It was strange being in the audience of a show that I've watched many a time on YouTube, as well as getting to see what it's like behind the camera. I did have a right laugh listening to the stories of so many bad dates and was glad to snuggle up to a snoring Jon when I got home that evening!

How was your week?

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Look Beauty: Triple Hit Eyeshadow

Look Beauty Triple Hit Eyeshadow in Party Fever*

I do have a soft spot for the Look Beauty offerings, with a special mention to their Loud Lips lipstick range which I have reviewed here, here, and here back in the very early days of LR. For beauty on a budget, I would say Look Beauty has it nailed. Or had it nailed..

With Rimmel, Bourjois, and Sleek really upping the anty, my days perusing the Look Beauty counter are few and far between. This triple hit eyeshadow quad is currently £3.75 which isn't all that bad for what it is, as I did manage to create quite a pretty purple smokey eye with this trio, which you can see here. Once I had built up the shades enough, I did have myself a really sultry eye look, and I particularly favour the darker shade in the trio.
However, if you are looking for something a little bit more long lasting, and much more pigmented, I would give this a pass and pick up one of their higher quality lippies or blush's instead.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

They see me Haulin'...

Oops, I entered Boots armed with points coupons and this is what happened. Yet another Boot's binge, but I did earn £20 on my Boots card just from using the Boots Summer Coupons. Great stuff. 

I've never really done a haul type post, but they are one of my favourite posts to read, so do let me know if you would want to see more like this! 

I went a bit Bourjois mad picking up their Bronzing Primer, the much gabbed about Healthy Mix Foundation, as well as blogger fav Bourjois Cream Blush. I picked up the Shades 01 and 03 (I already own 04) and I can't wait to use them along the RT Expert Face Brush, which was long overdue in accompanying its RT brothers and sisters in my brush pot.  I'm a little bit wary of trying out the Bronzing Primer but it looks so lovely on Alix and Luce.

Rimmel also got a lot of love, especially their scandal eyes range which swatches so well. I picked up three shades including Bronze, Taupe, and Nude which will be beautiful along the waterline. I was also in need of a every day lip liner and the shade Eastend Snob is perfect for that, giving off that 'your lips but better' shade. 

Next up, L'Oreal Color Riche are up their with my top offerings for lippies, they glide on and are super pigmented, all without breaking the bank. To match my Rimmel lip liner I chose L'Oreal Color Riche in Freshly Rosy. I can see this becoming my staple everyday lipstick, it's so buttery and flattering on my paler skin tone. For a pout that packs a punch I also picked up the shade Magnetic Coral, a simply stunning and powerful shade of coral that's bang on for summer. But, perhaps maybe not the weather we're having...

Reviews will be coming soon, but do give me a shout if you want anything in particular reviewed from the bunch as I'm not sure whether or not to post about the Bourjois Cream Blush's as they are here, there, and everywhere.

What have you been coveting lately? And, yes I know how lame the title of this post is, but it makes me chuckle...
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Monday, 24 June 2013

Melt Candle in Joy

Melt Candle in Joy* 

Candles are somewhat of a blogger cliché these days, but for me there is nothing better than snuggling up after a long day with a flickering scented candle filling your room with light floral notes. Oh, and of course add a bar of Galaxy, some New Girl, and a mug of hot chocolate and you pretty much have perfection.

Scented candles by Melt are lovingly hand poured in a Lancashire valley, each candle is carefully made to ensure that there are free from synthetic ingredients and their fragrances all compliment each other and add a fresh scent to your home.

Joy boasts a nose tingling blend of citrus with a woody & musk base and floral notes of Iris, Rose and Lily. With a top burning time of around 70 hour, these candles are extremely long lasting for their size and outlast the likes of Neom and Diptyque and for a much cheaper price tag. I like the light floral scent that lingers in my bedroom long after I have blown this out, but I would like to try a stronger musky scent next.

What candle have you got burning at the moment? What are you favourite summer scents?

Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Sunday Post: Interning, YouTube, and UV Paint!

As you are all most probably well aware, last week I started my internship at Gleam, and boy was I excited about it. Despite getting my student body out of my nocturnal sleeping habits, and dragging myself to commute every morning, I am absolutely loving every minute of it. Team Gleam have made me feel so at home, and it's a great place to work and long may I continue to be there. 

A week in and I've already been featured in my first youtube vlog, bobbing around gormlessly in the back of Tanya Burr's latest video which you can see here. Quite a few of you spotted me, so thanks for letting me know! I also went along to a YouTube panel hosted by Ben Cook which featured Gleams very own main man, Dom, and YouTuber Tyler Oakley who was hilarious to watch. It was so interesting to see behind the camera's as well as their talk on talent and networks which will be online soon. Oh, and this took place at Google, which is quite possibly the most brilliant building I've ever stepped foot in. Such a great experience!

Images c/o Katie Snooks - check out her blog here

We later popped along to the YouTube Summer Party at Google which was festival themed and had rooms with palm readers, henna tattooists and so on. The best room had to be the UV Party room, as seen above snapped with Katie and Maddie. These girls are just so lovely and have really made me feel comfortable and welcome which obviously makes interning there even more of a bonus, so thank you girls!

I am having an amazing time, and am really grateful for all these amazing opportunities that have come my way. Even if I do miss day time tv and want to hit the snooze button more than once in the mornings...

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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing Balm

I may be a little late of the review front with this little pot of joy, but I have been using this religiously for the past two months. I wanted to really see how well it worked for me, and any changes in my skin tone and blemishes before giving a true review.

At first I really couldn't get to grips with using a cleansing balm, having been used to clay or water based formula's. I didn't know how much I should be using, and used too much for what is actually needed. You really do only need the tiniest amount, warmed up in the palms of your hands it melts into an oil before massaging this into your face. I do feel like I'm at a spa every evening that I use this, massaging this in has a way of really relaxing me and getting me prepared for a good nights sleep. OH, and it smells AH-MAZING. Bulked up with extract of orange, mandarin, and neroli which rejuvenate and revitalise your skin followed my heavenly the scents of jasmin, cedarwood, and rose which aid your skins hydration.  It also contains moringa seed extract, wild sea fennel, and Vitamin E to minimise pores, winner!

Does it work well for sensitive skin? Check.
Easy to use? Check.
Leaves your skin feeling renewed, silky smooth, and thoroughly cleansed. Check, check, and triple check.
Worth the hype? Well, I definitely think so..

I also recommend storing it in your fridge, as I find that left out in my room or shower I was opening it up to find oily residue splashing out on top. But that's my only glitch. It's safe to say we have a hands down winner for cleansing top spot and I have joined the ranks of many beauty enthusiasts who coo over this EH facial delight. I have noticed a noticeable difference in the appearance of my skin since first dabbling with this two months ago. Okay, it is not all down to EH, but used in conjunction with my tier of skincare go to's my skin is far less dull looking, much more even, and just looking much more alive than it used to. Great for emulsifying makeup without stinging your eyes or irritating your skin is a big plus for me, and EH does just that.  What can I say, it's worth every penny.

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Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Sunday Post: Happy Father's Day!

Today's 'The Sunday Post' is going to be a little bit different, and I think you can all guess what it's all about. This post is dedicated to the man I can always count on, who always makes me feel better when I'm sick, and who comes up with the most stupid stories and jokes, my dad.

So here's a few snaps of my dad and me, I tend to decrease in cuteness, whereas my dad's hair similarly decreases until he's a right ol' slap head! He's gonna hate me for this...

Baby me, and my dad sporting a very dodgy quiff ;)

Possibly the BEST holiday ever to Disney Land Florida back in 2001? Thank you, Dad, for saving so hard and giving me and Harry the Disney Land experience that all kids dream of, not once but twice!

On Holiday in Scotland, I remember our sword fights where I obviously won hands down. Oh, and how nice is my orange cardigan!

Cuddles on the sofa, and watching the Solar Eclipse in the Garden.

My 16th Birthday, you truly are a white malteaser. 

I hope you all have a lovely Father's Day and make sure you let your dad's know how much they mean to you.
 I really am a daddy's girl at heart and don't know what I'd do without such a supportive and loving dad like mine, I'm very lucky. We do have our moments with both of us having an argumentative streak but there's not many people besides you that I can trust completely to look out for me and always be there with your made up songs and nicknames. I hope you know how special you are to me, even with your naff stories and rants about how I betrayed Spurs by switching to Arsenal. Dad, its been seventeen years, get over it!

I love you lot's old man.
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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Think Pink

A year or two back and you would have not have found a single pink lipstick in my stash, nor nail polish, I had a single Natural Collection Rosy pink blush but that was the extent of my daring. I was always made to believe pink was just a colour off limits to the likes of redheads like me, that and yellow clothing. Too bright, too much contrast, but now I embrace pink it all it's rosy shades and hues.

Baby pinks are obviously much easier to pull off and match with clothing and my top lip products I've been reaching for in this case are the Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Lemonade, a gorgeous milky pink, and Topshop's Pillow Talk, another light baby pink. Both are so easy to wear and give a subtle wash of colour for every day wear. However, it's the bolder hot pinks that are really doing it for me this summer with Revlon's Wild Watermelon Lip Butter (seen worn above) and Topshop's All About Me bringing a gorgeous pop of colour. I really want to try MAC's Candy Yum Yum and Please Me next!  Do you think I can pull it off?

As for blush and nail polish, pastel pinks are my go to. Essie's Ballet Slippers has adorned my fingertips many a time this spring/summer, with Essie Fiji being on my lust list to try next. You might have also seen my post on Dainty Doll makeup, I took full advantage of their sale and I'm so glad I did. Their pink blush in 001 and 002 adds a very subtle dusting of colour that compliments my paler complexion perfectly and can be layered on without fear of the dreaded clown cheek look, win! 

What are your top pink cheek and lip offerings?
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New In: Rayware Afternoon Tea Collection

I have a bit of a home decor/interiors addiction, with many hours spent browsing online boutiques, the racks of The Range, and awaiting deliveries from Dunelm Mill. My bank balance is weeping slightly, to say the least. I may have got a bit too caught up with buying bit's for a flat for me and the boy, a flat that we don't actually have yet may I add...

My newest decor crush has to be pastel and shabby chic kitchen crockery and bit's and bob's. I spotted this cream and pastel pink Rayware Afternoon Tea Collection, and fell in love. I didn't buy the whole collection as Jon is getting a bit concerned I may just transform our home a little bit too much on the girly side, oops! I picked up a couple of mugs, one for me and one for Jon, a cream milk jug, and my favourite item of the lot this adorable little tea pot. How cute is it?!

I am currently resisting picking up their dinnerware set and cake stand. What do you think the newest additions to my kitchen?

I'm off to enjoy a freshly brewed cuppa...bliss.

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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Two Step Toner

Always one to listen earnestly to the skincare advice of Caroline Hirons, I eagerly took note of her top toner tips. Caroline recommends using two different types of toner, one to first exfoliate the skin, and the one to hydrate.  So with these words of wisdom I took to the two step toner method with the following toner combo...

I'll start with my evening routine as that features both the Yon-Ka and the Clarins Toner. After cleansing I'll use a few drops of the Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner on a cotton pad and wipe over my face a neck. The Clarins toner acts as a chemical exfoliant, with ingredients such as tamarind extract which aims to eliminate impurities and rid your skin of dead skin cells, it also contains salicylic and tartaric acids. These AHA's and BHA's help in reducing pigmentation, scarring, and blemishes, well in my case it definitely has. After using this every night since I received it over a month ago I have noticed my skin is a lot brighter andpink scarring from old spots has been significantly reduced.
 Despite the word 'acid' flaring up worries of irritating the skin, especially for those of us with sensitive skin, the toner is gentle, exactly as it says on the bottle. I do feel a slight tingling, but I actually like the sensation. This is a much gentler substitute for the Alpha H Liquid Gold.  I usually leave this work its way into my skin for a few minutes before carrying on with my skin care routine. 

Next up, hydration. My hydrating toner of choice at the moment is the Yon-Ka Lotion, which is an alcohol-free toning mist that contains 99% natural ingredients. I love this toner as a mist that can be sprayed onto my skin rather than wiped on with a cotton pad, I take a few pumps of this and in that respect it reminds me of the Avene Thermal Water Spray. Packed with essential oils such as lavender, geranium, thyme, and rosemary, not only does this smell fresh but it feels luxuriously refreshing on the skin. I used this to prepare my skin in the mornings to wake me up as well as after the Clarins Toner and before carrying on with moisturising the skin. 

What toners do you recommend? Or do you skip toning out completely? I really do think is a vital step in my skincare routine.
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The Game Changer: REN F10 Smooth and Renew Mask

REN are my go to skincare brand for fail safe products that I always love, that work for me without irritating my sensitive skin, or breaking me out. Quite a mean feat, I must add. I have tried the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask before, which seems to be the most popular choice for your skin's weekly dose of acids (thank you Caroline Hirons!), however, I felt it was a touch too strong for my sensitive skin and so opted to purchase the F10 instead. I'm SO glad I did.

The F10 Smooth and Renew Mask is part of their sensitive skin range, but acts similarly to the Glyco mask. It has fast become a staple product in my weekly skincare regime. The mask aims to gently exfoliate the skin and reveal a radiant and thorougly cleansed you after use. Omega 3 and 6 act to reduce any inflammation, whilst papain seeks to eradicate any dead skin cells without damaging healthy new ones in the process, and Vitamin C helps in the fight against free radicals and regulate your skin tone and its appearance. All brilliant stuff for a more flawless and radiant skintone.

I apply a couple pumps of this after cleansing and leave to settle in for around ten to fifteen minutes once a week, whilst I potter around or catch up some blogs. The product does remind me of marmalade with its slightly sticky, orange gel formula, but it smells ah-mazing! Even after one use of this I noticed a considerable difference, and with continual use over the past month I can boast a much more even skin tone. Dull skin is given a much needed boost, I just love this mask. For £20 a pop it really is worth every penny and will last you quite a long time.

What are your thoughts, have you tried the F10?
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Monday, 10 June 2013

they think they're from the sixties, but they were born in 1991

I know I keep harping on about how beautiful the weather has been, but it makes taking outfit snaps all the more fun. This post may be a bit photo hefty but Jon and I got a bit carried away taking pictures in the fields by my house. One downfall was the high pollen count, grrr hayfever is such a burden. My eyes kept watering and I was sneezing every five minutes, which made for some very dodgy looking outtake photo's let me tell you...

I start my internship at Gleam today which I couldn't be any more excited about. I've been counting down the days since my interview with them back in February. I'm looking forward to actually being productive again, and most of all being part of Team Gleam for as long as they will have me. Exciting times lie ahead. My dad is already chuckling at the thought of me commuting every day but it's not that far a trip and my kindle has been stock piled with good books to keep me occupied on the way home.

What do you think of my monochrome polka dot pinafore? I do love a pinafore, and this number from New Look is no exception.  It was a steal at £17 and I did feel very girly twirling around in it in the meadow. It would also be great to wear to work, so an all round winner!
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