Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Sunday Post: Interning, YouTube, and UV Paint!

As you are all most probably well aware, last week I started my internship at Gleam, and boy was I excited about it. Despite getting my student body out of my nocturnal sleeping habits, and dragging myself to commute every morning, I am absolutely loving every minute of it. Team Gleam have made me feel so at home, and it's a great place to work and long may I continue to be there. 

A week in and I've already been featured in my first youtube vlog, bobbing around gormlessly in the back of Tanya Burr's latest video which you can see here. Quite a few of you spotted me, so thanks for letting me know! I also went along to a YouTube panel hosted by Ben Cook which featured Gleams very own main man, Dom, and YouTuber Tyler Oakley who was hilarious to watch. It was so interesting to see behind the camera's as well as their talk on talent and networks which will be online soon. Oh, and this took place at Google, which is quite possibly the most brilliant building I've ever stepped foot in. Such a great experience!

Images c/o Katie Snooks - check out her blog here

We later popped along to the YouTube Summer Party at Google which was festival themed and had rooms with palm readers, henna tattooists and so on. The best room had to be the UV Party room, as seen above snapped with Katie and Maddie. These girls are just so lovely and have really made me feel comfortable and welcome which obviously makes interning there even more of a bonus, so thank you girls!

I am having an amazing time, and am really grateful for all these amazing opportunities that have come my way. Even if I do miss day time tv and want to hit the snooze button more than once in the mornings...

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  1. Cool internship, well done to you getting there x

  2. Wow, what a great internship! Glad you are enjoying it! X


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