Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Sunday Post: Happy Father's Day!

Today's 'The Sunday Post' is going to be a little bit different, and I think you can all guess what it's all about. This post is dedicated to the man I can always count on, who always makes me feel better when I'm sick, and who comes up with the most stupid stories and jokes, my dad.

So here's a few snaps of my dad and me, I tend to decrease in cuteness, whereas my dad's hair similarly decreases until he's a right ol' slap head! He's gonna hate me for this...

Baby me, and my dad sporting a very dodgy quiff ;)

Possibly the BEST holiday ever to Disney Land Florida back in 2001? Thank you, Dad, for saving so hard and giving me and Harry the Disney Land experience that all kids dream of, not once but twice!

On Holiday in Scotland, I remember our sword fights where I obviously won hands down. Oh, and how nice is my orange cardigan!

Cuddles on the sofa, and watching the Solar Eclipse in the Garden.

My 16th Birthday, you truly are a white malteaser. 

I hope you all have a lovely Father's Day and make sure you let your dad's know how much they mean to you.
 I really am a daddy's girl at heart and don't know what I'd do without such a supportive and loving dad like mine, I'm very lucky. We do have our moments with both of us having an argumentative streak but there's not many people besides you that I can trust completely to look out for me and always be there with your made up songs and nicknames. I hope you know how special you are to me, even with your naff stories and rants about how I betrayed Spurs by switching to Arsenal. Dad, its been seventeen years, get over it!

I love you lot's old man.
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