Saturday, 22 June 2013

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing Balm

I may be a little late of the review front with this little pot of joy, but I have been using this religiously for the past two months. I wanted to really see how well it worked for me, and any changes in my skin tone and blemishes before giving a true review.

At first I really couldn't get to grips with using a cleansing balm, having been used to clay or water based formula's. I didn't know how much I should be using, and used too much for what is actually needed. You really do only need the tiniest amount, warmed up in the palms of your hands it melts into an oil before massaging this into your face. I do feel like I'm at a spa every evening that I use this, massaging this in has a way of really relaxing me and getting me prepared for a good nights sleep. OH, and it smells AH-MAZING. Bulked up with extract of orange, mandarin, and neroli which rejuvenate and revitalise your skin followed my heavenly the scents of jasmin, cedarwood, and rose which aid your skins hydration.  It also contains moringa seed extract, wild sea fennel, and Vitamin E to minimise pores, winner!

Does it work well for sensitive skin? Check.
Easy to use? Check.
Leaves your skin feeling renewed, silky smooth, and thoroughly cleansed. Check, check, and triple check.
Worth the hype? Well, I definitely think so..

I also recommend storing it in your fridge, as I find that left out in my room or shower I was opening it up to find oily residue splashing out on top. But that's my only glitch. It's safe to say we have a hands down winner for cleansing top spot and I have joined the ranks of many beauty enthusiasts who coo over this EH facial delight. I have noticed a noticeable difference in the appearance of my skin since first dabbling with this two months ago. Okay, it is not all down to EH, but used in conjunction with my tier of skincare go to's my skin is far less dull looking, much more even, and just looking much more alive than it used to. Great for emulsifying makeup without stinging your eyes or irritating your skin is a big plus for me, and EH does just that.  What can I say, it's worth every penny.

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