Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Two Step Toner

Always one to listen earnestly to the skincare advice of Caroline Hirons, I eagerly took note of her top toner tips. Caroline recommends using two different types of toner, one to first exfoliate the skin, and the one to hydrate.  So with these words of wisdom I took to the two step toner method with the following toner combo...

I'll start with my evening routine as that features both the Yon-Ka and the Clarins Toner. After cleansing I'll use a few drops of the Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner on a cotton pad and wipe over my face a neck. The Clarins toner acts as a chemical exfoliant, with ingredients such as tamarind extract which aims to eliminate impurities and rid your skin of dead skin cells, it also contains salicylic and tartaric acids. These AHA's and BHA's help in reducing pigmentation, scarring, and blemishes, well in my case it definitely has. After using this every night since I received it over a month ago I have noticed my skin is a lot brighter andpink scarring from old spots has been significantly reduced.
 Despite the word 'acid' flaring up worries of irritating the skin, especially for those of us with sensitive skin, the toner is gentle, exactly as it says on the bottle. I do feel a slight tingling, but I actually like the sensation. This is a much gentler substitute for the Alpha H Liquid Gold.  I usually leave this work its way into my skin for a few minutes before carrying on with my skin care routine. 

Next up, hydration. My hydrating toner of choice at the moment is the Yon-Ka Lotion, which is an alcohol-free toning mist that contains 99% natural ingredients. I love this toner as a mist that can be sprayed onto my skin rather than wiped on with a cotton pad, I take a few pumps of this and in that respect it reminds me of the Avene Thermal Water Spray. Packed with essential oils such as lavender, geranium, thyme, and rosemary, not only does this smell fresh but it feels luxuriously refreshing on the skin. I used this to prepare my skin in the mornings to wake me up as well as after the Clarins Toner and before carrying on with moisturising the skin. 

What toners do you recommend? Or do you skip toning out completely? I really do think is a vital step in my skincare routine.
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  1. Ooo, I really like the look of this Yon-Ka Lotion one. I have the Clarins exfoliating toner and it really is a god send. I'm definitely going to look into the Yon-Ka toner. :)

    Anya x


  2. I have a small sample of the Clarins Toner which is really nice, I'm considering trying to get hold of the Pixi Glow Tonic though. The Yon-Ka Lotion however is something I have never heard of, so, thank you for that as I now have something I can do a little research on :)

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  3. Let me know if you like it :) x

  4. I do love the Clarins Toner and will continue to repurchase! I am thinking the same thing but it's so hard to get your hands on! x

  5. I go for yonka facials and they are so good!


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