Monday, 2 January 2012

twenty twelve : masquerade madness

I hope you all had a wonderful new years! I entered 2012 surrounded by some of my most dearest friends and truly had an amazing evening!

I went to a friends masquerade party and donned a glitzy black mask to fit the theme with a matching black backless dress; a strong contender for my new favourite LBD (from Miss Selfridges)!
 I tried brightening my self up a tad with my new iPout lipstick that came in my latest Carmine box, which was in a stunning shade of scarlet which complimented the dress beautifully, if I must say so myself!
Before the Mickey Finn's took hold of my senses, notice the DOUBLE shot glasses but it's NYE so why the hell not! Notice, the after effect below! It was a bit sour!!

How was your New Years? And, did you make any resolutions?

This year I'm trying to stick to a more healthy diet, not to lose weight or anything like that but to just eat a bit more healthier and cut down on the fatty fast foods that I snack on far too much! I also want to get back into reading for myself, which is pretty difficult seeing as I have to read so many set texts for my English Lit degree but with a five month summer I think I can fit some in!

Love, Lauren!

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