Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayons

Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayons* From L-R (lip swatches) Peach on the Beach, Orange Punch, Fuchsia Libre, Red Sunrise

I'm going to keep this short and sweet because there really is only one main thing you need to know...go get your wallet.

Bourjois have been churning out hit after hit and I particularly love their new lip crayons. I hadn't previously cashed in on the chubby lipstick hype and so can't really make comparisons but for £7.99 you really can't go wrong. Pigmented and punchy shades that hold a waterproof shield for longer wear, seriously what's not to love. Glossy with a creamy formula that just glides onto your lips I've been reaching for these a lot recently, especially Peach on the Beach - perfect for everyday wear.

Peach on the Beach has everything set to be a crowd pleaser with its milky peach hue. Orange Punch is perfect for Summer and is stunning on all skin tones. Fuchsia Libre would look gorgeous on darker skintones but again us pale ladies will swoon at this pop of pink. I think Red Sunrise makes a great red lip without going full on and still offers up a flattering hint of pink.

So, are you sold?

Bedtime Beauty

Is there anything more pleasing than getting home, jumping in a hot bath and slipping on a face mask? I like to unwind the minute I step through my front door, bra off, comfy clothes on. I do paint a pretty picture, don't I?

Now, I'll be honest I sometimes simply cannot be bothered to carry out the whole evening skincare routine that I know I should but I've been trying my best to at least cleanse my skin properly before bed using the REN Clear Calm Clay Cleanser (review here) on days when I skin is a bit more troublesome, or either my trusty EH Cleansing balm or Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth face balm* to mix things up. For a more thorough cleanse I massage in Una Brennan Superfacialist Rose Hydrate Oil (review here) prior to cleansing to break up any makeup on my face. 

Next up, toning. I use two toners for two different reasons, which you can read about in more depth here. My favourite of the two being the Clarins Gentle Exfoliator, I apply this with a cotton pad and leave my skin to tingle for a few minutes before carrying on to serums.

I have a fair stash of serums that I chop and change from but the Estee Lauder ANR is a firm fixture in my skincare line up. A couple drops of this stuff, massaged in does the trick. I have dry skin so sometimes a bit more moisture is in need and for that I've been loving the Jurlique Moisturising Cream Mask* which you can use as a face mask when applied heavily (before your serum) which soaks up into your skin with excess being easily swiped away with a cotton pad OR after serum lightly to work it's magic overnight. I also recommend Origins Drink Up Intensive mask for after serums.

Any pesky spots are zapped with the Origins Super Spot Remover and Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip balm applied to soften my lips overnight. For nights I need extra help getting to sleep I dab the This Works Sleep balm on my pulse points and take a few sniffs. This stuff smells AH-mazing. Seriously, can't get enough.

Pampering done, I'm ready to catch some Zzzz's.

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Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Sunday Post: Pub Lunches & Bank Holiday Blues

You may or may not have noticed that I've been absent online recently, all my posts had been scheduled, and that's because I've been curled up with a sick bucket and my duvet. I hate getting ill, I don't get sick very often but when I do I get very sick and it sort of comes along and crashes into my life causing everything else to come to a bit of a stand still. Not fun.

I did get some fresh air the other day and ventured to a local park to grab some lunch and hope that the sunshine could boost my immune system. 

We stopped off at an old pub that was on the grounds for a spot of lunch. I asked for the caesar salad and had more bacon than actual salad, I did my best to devour it all the same.

Since then the weather has been miserable, not exactly the heatwave we was promised and I for one am quite glad about that as I've spent most of my weekend in bed. Fingers crossed the sun makes an appearance tomorrow though...

Here's some of the blogs that have kept me occupied whilst in my sickly state...

Kirsty from Smugpug is an absolute babe, I envy her figure to no end!

Anna from VDM got me all inspired to fish out my running gear and tone up my wobbly thighs. I've been far too lazy lately and I need something to help me get out of this rutt.

Finally, one of those blogs you just can't stop scrolling through - Style Peaches. I find the photography enchanting and really love Peaches sense of style,  think you will too.

What have been your favourite reads recently, blogs or books?

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Saturday, 24 August 2013

All I want is a room somewhere

When Money Supermarket offered me the chance to spruce up a room of my choice with their home improvement challenge I leapt at the chance, I've been trying to fix up my bedroom for months now and that extra £50 really did come in handy, so thank you Money Supermarket!  Having moved back home after graduating from Uni I found my bedroom cluttered with junk with not enough storage to house it all, so I finally took the plunge and bought the Ikea Alex. Okay, okay that would already be out of my £50 budget but nan contributed to most of it as a graduation gift so now my hoard of beauty bumf is snuggled up nicely in one place...

I picked up these two cushions from Primark for a cheap and cheerful £6. Jon did raise an eye at these somewhat girly additions to our bed but I couldn't resist.

I was also recently contacted by Out There Interiors, I picked this quirky old jewellery cabinet* which I attached to the wall. I like having the glass door so I can still see my jewellery and found this really handy for decluttering my desk of old bracelets and necklaces. What do you think?

Out There Interiors has some great pieces so I recommend having a gander!

For those of you who know me, you'll know that my love for IKEA knows no bounds. I find myself picking up something for my room every time we visit. I love this cute ornate bowl where I house my bobby pins - we all know how bobby pins and hair bands love to wander off... 

I also snapped up this storage jar from Gifts & Pieces to house my hoard of tealights on my window sill.

Although the mighty Ikea Alex can fit the majority of my beauty products, I needed to pick up this wicker basket from Tesco (£8) for my excess haircare products. Again this really keeps on top of the mess that was my chest of drawers.

I love to document my life, have done since I was seven years old when I first started my diaries so I was a little dismayed that I didn't have many photo frames to showcase some of my favourite memories around my bedroom. In keeping with my monochrome theme I picked up this Sondrüm frame for £4 and placed an old favourite of me and the boy from passing our A-levels. Perfect.

I've hoped you've enjoyed snooping around my bedroom, I'm really happy with it now and it really is that my own little haven to come back to everyday. I'm probably going to pop up some more interior posts, so if there's anything you'd like to see let me know!

P.s. If you love reading Oh Little Red as much as I enjoy putting it all together then please vote me 'Best New Beauty Blog' in the Cosmo Awards (vote here) - the voting ends on the 30th and it would put the cheesiest grin on my face if you voted :) Thanks to everyone who has done so already! 
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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The New Additions: Laura Mercier, Essie, & Bourjois.

I can't go without my Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser but that aside I haven't tried much from the LM Range. I'm excited to get to grips with their foundation primer* in particular. The rosy pink lipstick is also a contender for my everyday work lip wardrobe...

When I spotted the Essie Naughty Nautical Summer Collection I knew I had to have it. These have just arrived and I'm already eyeing up 'Full Steam Ahead' the light lilac shade. 

Bourjois are just churning out winner after winner for me recently. Keep your eyes peeled for their new cream blush coming to shops soon, it's a bespoke blush that adjusts itself to be the right pink for your cheeks when applied. Very intrigued to see how this pans out!

Lastly, their Color Boost chubby lipstick crayons* beckoned to me. They're glossy and beautiful on the lips. I've been wearing Peach on the Beach daily and can't get enough. Expect a full review very soon!

What have you been hauling recently? Let me know in the comments your latest cheeky purchases!

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Origins GinZing Duo

It's no secret that Origins are brand that have very much got my vote when it comes to skincare, I've loved every product that I've tried and none have aggravated my sensitive skin as of yet - touch wood that continues.

The Origins GinZing range has caught many a beauty bloggers attention, so I had to see what the fuss was all about. I confess I was yet to own an eye cream and so I thought I would firstly branch out and try the GinZing Eye Cream* which aims to brighten the eye area and ward off tired eyes. I like how lightweight this product is, I apply morning and night and this can be worn under makeup easily. Again the GinZing range focuses on moisture and so really hydrates the area and depuffs any bags.

The star of the show definitely has to be the GinZing Energy-boosting moisturiser*. Oil free and light to the touch, the formula is almost gel like and my skin soaks this up and thanks me for the treat. Brimming with skin boosting ingredients such as caffeine and GinZing, this little orange pot does wonders for waking up my skin as well as giving my skin a much needed glow in the mornings. I tend to use this only in the mornings as it provides a great base for applying my makeup, whereas at night I'll go for something a little bit more heavy duty. Oh, and this stuff  smells heavenly, cmon' all Origins products smell good enough to eat...
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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Skincare Spotlight: Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Range

Jurlique has rapidly wrangled it's way into the heart of my skincare routine, and with my skin in need of a bit of TLC due to its dehydrated state I thought I'd give some bit's from the Rose Moisture Plus range.  The range combines rose water and rose essential oils with an antioxidant complex to provide your skin with tip top hydration and protection from environmental factors, perfect for my skin troubles.

I do find the Moisture Replenishing Day Cream* a little heavy duty as it's quite rich which can be sometimes too much for my skin. I like to use this more so in the evening after a serum and let my skin soak it up whilst I type up a post or catch up on some Dexter viewing. This leaves my skin looking radiant and plump and rids any flakiness that was previously lurking. The Avocado oil helps to promote soft and supple skin and I'm sold on the scent alone.

The Skin Balancing Face Oil* has also crept its way into my evening line up. Now, one thing I have to say about this is that less really is more. When I read dispense 2-3 drops on to a cotton pad and saw very little product coming out I added two or three more dabs first time round. This was a mistake. Once applied to my face I could instantly feel that there was too much product and too oily, two drops really is enough. I press this against my skin than massage in with my finger tips, it's like giving my self a homemade facial. Rosehip oil leaves the skin firmer, fine lines reduces and generally I've noticed a much more even skintone and my skin feels healthier and less dull.

When I feel the need for some extra moisture and love for my skin I have been reaching for Jurlique Rosewater balancing mist*. Spritz twice and massage in and mark my words you'll feel refreshed and it smells divine. Packed with Marshmellow - of all things I know! - Glycerin and Aloe Vera my skin felt soothed and hydrated.


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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Ignore the hype: Disappointing Products

We all do it, and by do it I mean get caught up in the beauty blogging hypes. We hear the words 'amazing' and 'have to have' and we get that niggling feeling that makes us want to part with our moo-la, well I used to anyway. This is my first disappointing products post, and that is genuinely because I don't really buy anything I haven't sampled and I tend to agree with most things I do buy. But, sadly that's not the case for these hyped up (anti)heroes...

I heard so many good things about the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, I read around, I waited until the hype and somewhat settled and then went ahead and purchased. I do not like this AT ALL. I don't find it to have great coverage, it actually left my skin quite rashy and had absolutely no longevity at all melting off my face within a couple of hours. I really wish I had that £10 back.

Next up, we have blogger favourite Benefit's 'They're Real' mascara*...now I really do want to like this and despite it making my disappointing products list I probably will continue to use this every now and then. It does make my lashes look long and does enhance my already quite curled lashes, but the problem is it too melts off like no one's business. Not only that but I find the wand to be abrasive and the product also smudges leaving a not so flattering panda eye look. Oh, and it's a total pain in the backside to remove. Sorry Benefit, I really want to love it but alas I don't.

As for the L'Oreal Anti-redness CC Cream* and MAC's Shy Girl Lipstick, these are probably more disappointing based on my personal dislike of CC Creams and yellow toned nudes. I'm pale and this CC cream is just far too dark for my ghostly hue, plus I really didn't find it helped to reduce my red areas in the slightest. As for Shy Girl, yet again another blogger favourite that doesn't bode well with me. It's sallow tone just does nothing for my complexion and makes me look ill if I'm honest, however on other people it can be a really gorgeous nude so it just goes to show how personable beauty is.

Do you have any disappointing hyped products that you wish you'd never bought?
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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Getting Organised: Fitting It All In

When I suggested as to whether I should put on a 'blog organisation' post the response was overwhelming. It seems lot's of us do have trouble fitting it all in with full time jobs, school or university and even y'know just having a social life it can be hard to find the right balance.

Whilst at University I really did take for granted all the spare time I had and looking back I wish I had used it more efficiently, although re-runs of Friends and One Tree Hill with leftover pizza did seem a good shout at the time. Now I've graduated and fully immersed in the 'real world' of early alarms and long days. Having an internship that works so closely with bloggers is a major plus but it certainly doesn't give me any extra time to blog for myself whilst I'm there but I'm lucky in the respect it can offer up inspiration. 

The real question for many of us is how do we juggle full time work or education whilst still maintaining a regular blog post schedule? Here are a few ways that I personally find helpful for in achieving my aim to post at least four times a week, you might want to grab a mug of tea and get comfortable...

I do love using apps like Evernote as it's so simple to use and I can take photo's and store them for inspiration as well as jotting down ideas on the go. However, you can't be a good ol' trusty notebook. I have one specifically for blogging and another for work and another for separate social occasions that aren't blogger events. I like to keep thing separate so that it doesn't get all jumbled up and confusing and I know which notebook to go to for what and so on. 

My blogging notebook consists of lists of products I've yet to review with dates needed for the post to be up if sent by a PR, as well as weekly set out schedules that list the posts I'm going to put up for the following week. I tend to sit down on a Saturday morning and go through my list of post ideas, pick which one's I'm ready to review or can photograph that weekend and then write down what's needed for that post. 
For example for a lipstick review I like to have photographs of me wearing the lipstick as well as product images so I can give a true representation of the shade. I find it best to pick one afternoon on either Saturday or Sunday to stock pile on photographs and get as many product images as possible so that all that then needs to be done is the typing up of the post, which is FAR easier than snapping away one post at a time. Picking one day of the weekend to dedicate to blogging may not be a popular choice for one but I find it gets a lot of the work done and drafted up and then you can enjoy the rest of the weekend and week without worrying about getting a post up.
I also jot down any great photography locations, beauty tips or products I want to try, any great blog posts I've read and any inspiration I may have. I've realised in doing so I've become a bit of a list-aholic but it really does help keep things clear and compartmentalised ready to go. I would recommend always keeping your notebook handy as you never know when an idea will crop up or a new product will be added to your list or wish list! 

'To Review' Drawer
Having a good beauty storage system has also made things a heck of a lot easier, I finally caved and bought the blogger cliché that is the IKEA Alex. Having separate drawers for facial products, lipsticks, skincare and body products makes grouping things together easier. They do say a tidy room a tidy mind and since clearing my dresser of all things cosmetic and housing it properly in the Alex I've felt a lot more motivated with all my beauty bumf easily accessible and categorised. Such a nerd! I also use one drawer specifically for products I need to review and any samples I receive which makes keeping track of what needs to be reviewed much easier.

App wise, I do recommend Evernote as I mentioned early, as well as Blogger which I've used to draft up a post whilst commuting in the morning. I also really love the bloglovin' app for catching up on my favourite blogs as well as seeing what posts are popular in the beauty and lifestyle categories. Ooh, and I couldn't put up this post without mentioning Tweetdeck or Hootsuite which are both great for scheduling tweets. I use tweetdeck to schedule blog post tweets around popular times of the day as well as some general chit chat so that I'm still socially active throughout the day without being glued to my social media outlets at work or out with friends.

So there you have it, not exactly anything miraculous but lists and dedication will be your best friends. Have a spare afternoon/evening? Use the longer daylight hours to get lot's of product photographs done and dusted. Lost for inspiration and ideas? Flick through the bloglovin' and pinterest apps in your lunch break and use evernote to keep any images or links handy and able to come back to.  I do think you have to be dedicated and dare I say it trade some of your social time at the weekends getting things done blog wise. That's the way I keep on top of things and don't have to stress about not having anything to blog about during the week, which has in the past put me off and I then get stuck in a rutt of not posting because 'it's too late' or 'I'm too tired'. 

I know this post is a bit lengthy so give yourself a pat on the back and let me know if you make it the whole way through so I can personally congratulate you in the comments! Phew! I really hope this helps make things a little bit easier for those on the go. Do you have any blog organisation tips and tricks?
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Monday, 5 August 2013

L'Occitane Lavender Reed Diffuser

I have a bit of a thing for candles and scents that brighten up my bedroom. You might have noticed my candle crush in this post here, but when it comes to Summer and it's hot and it's humid I don't really like to burn candles and that's why reed diffusers become my new best smelling friend.

I received a little set from L'Occitane which included the reeds, decanter, and their Lavender Diffuser Perfume Refill*. I hadn't really dabbled with reed diffusers before, I didn't get the appeal and they seemed a more mumsie substitute to candles. Boy, was I wrong. 

The light lavender scent lingers long after the perfume is all used up, which takes some time. It's not too overpowering but you don't have to go around sniffing the air to pick up the scent either. I love the choice of lavender as it's perfect come the evening as I find it helps me to wind down and relieves any tension. Lavender has always put me in a sleepy mood and so I love this stuff.

Are you a fan of reed diffusers?
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Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Sunday Post: Summer Shimmer

Matte has been my mate through the years but with the sun shining I thought I'd mix things up and add some shimmer to my everyday look. Dewy, radiant skin is what we all crave during the Summer months and these are few products I've been coveting lately...

Special mention goes out to the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector, applied under my foundation or mixed up together this stuff gives my skin such a lovely healthy sheen. Old time buddies include MAC All That Glitters a subtle golden bronze that finishes off my look with a simple sweep over the lids, and of course MAC Soft & Gentle which is perhaps my all time favourite highlight.

I've also been playing around with Benefit's Fine One One*, an all in one brightening color for cheeks and lips which illuminates the skin. I love multi-purpose products and so this is great product to keep in your bag for on the go touch ups.  I'm a huge fan of the Origins GinZing Range which refreshes my dull skin giving it a new lease of life, so I was really excited to test out the GinZing makeup range. Look out for reviews on their Brightening Cream Eye Shadows, the look gorgeous in the pan but do they live up to the heights of the GinZing Moisturiser and eyecream, the jury is still out on that one...

I love a coral lip in Summer, heck I would wear a coral lip all year round if I could so Revlon's Juicy Papaya Lip Butter is on regular rotation in my makeup bag. I also have a soft spot for my Estèe Lauder Pure Color High Gloss* which started off my conversion to lip glosses with it's lightweight feel and non sticky formula. I love to whack this on when I'm sporting a more natural look or a heavier eye.

I couldn't put up this post without mentioning the Urban Decay Naked 2, my absolute favourite palette for adding a touch of shimmer. My personal favourites have to be Half Baked, Chopper, Suspect and YDK.

What are your go to shimmer shades?

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Friday, 2 August 2013

Postcards from Shoreditch with Warehouse

Tuesday morning I awoke bright and early and hopped on the tube to Shoreditch to meet Abi from Warehouse. The weather had taken a drastic turn for the worst and I was worried I might resemble that of a drowned rat for my shoot with them.

You can see my shoot here on the Warehouse Facebook page where I reveal my best kept beauty secrets and my top a/w trends...

I had met Abi the night before to pick out some items to make up my outfit and was almost immediately drawn to this gorgeous ruffled jumpsuit that complimented my hair so well. After snooping around the store for some time after I had picked out some simple silver accessories and a monchrome clutch bag that sadly didn't get featured in the shoot due to the monsoon of rain making it hard to pose with.

Clutching onto my umbrella for dear life we braved the shoot and a special thanks has to go to Abi and my photographer who well and truly braved the rain to capture my outfit outside this quaint little bookshop. And it's red...do you see the connection?

I can definitely see myself getting a lot of wear out of this jumpsuit which is perfect for work to night out transitions, what do you think?

P.s. Sorry for the lack of posts Virgin internet went down in my area and I haven't been able to post, sob!

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