Saturday, 30 March 2013

and the walls kept tumbling down, in the city that we love

Dream Catcher Dress* - Mina UK

I thought I'd sport a more colourful number to brighten up the rainy/snowy Easter Weekend most of us in the UK are suffering with at the moment. I'm determined to get into a more spring like mood and have swapped my PJ's for this beautiful Dream Catcher Dress* from Mina UK. It's floaty, it's bright, and the aztec inspired pattern that runs down the front and around the sleeves just screams to be showered in sunshine - *fingers crossed!*

I've rearranged my wardrobe to feature some more Summer appropriate outfits in the hopes that the Sun will soon come back to us and cheer up this gloomy aura that has come along with yet more snow. When I opened this package all I could think about was getting away on holiday, getting my legs out and basking in the sunshine - is anyone else praying for this too?

As it's Easter weekend we've been doing a lot of baking, watching Disney movies, and generally just relaxing in our comfiest, and warmest, pj's we could find. I'm really looking forward to an Easter Sunday roast with all the trimmings, mmmmm....

What are you up to this Easter Weekend? I hope you have a good one!

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

beauty on a budget: current hair heroes

My hair is often an issue for debate, sometimes I absolutely adore having such a unique shade, the length and how it dries naturally quite straight, but then other times it is my main source of detestation. Lack of volume, split ends up to my ears (slight exaggeration), dry with no style to it whatsoever. I can't, however, afford to pay for top hair treatments and remedies so I've compiled a list of products you can use if you're on a big of a budget! So recently I've engaged the help of various drugstore products to wage war on my dry and damaged mane, and I can tell you that so far I'm quite impressed....

For Dry and Brittle Hair Days: I reach for my Klorane Nourishing Treatment Shampoo with Mango Butter* and its Conditioner* counterpart for nourishing and detangling dry hair. You don't get the most generous amount of product within these bottles but you really do not need much and I only use this maybe once a week or when my hairs particularly dry. What I particularly love about Klorane hair products is that their ingredients are sourced all around the world to find the best matches for various hair categories. The mango butter offers up a luxuriously creamy texture which helps to restructure and smooth the scales of the hair cuticle (technical stuff!) and fill them in with a hydrolipidic film which acts as a protective layer against dehydration. With all these science-y words popping up I did worry that it might be too much for my sensitive scalp but their products are hypoallergenic and, if anything, my scalp felt nourished and healthy. I then add a spritz, or two, of the VO5 Miracle Mist Elixir*, which acts as a rescue remedy for damaged and frizzy hair types, into towel dried hair. I love this product as it works its magic as a leave in conditioner for extra help on those dry hair days and also doubles up as a heat protectant whilst leaving my hair smooth and shiny once dry, perfect!

For Limp and  Not So Voluminous Hair Days: Phillip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo* has been an ultimate hair saviour. I can not praise this product enough. I noticed a difference straight away, my hair had a lot more life and texture to my hair, instead of sticking to my head in a very unattractive manner. Brilliant stuff. It came in a set with the follow up Moisture Balancing Conditioner which seeks to help add body to the hair also, I'm still not so sure about this conditioner yet as I find it almost weighs down my hair which contradicts the point of adding body to it. For extra volume, if I'm heading on a night out, I also add some Schwarzkoph Silhouette Color Brilliance Super Hold Mousse* which is actually aimed for coloured hair but I use it works just as good on my un-dyed locks too. A 50p sized dollop added to the roots of towel dried hair and worked in with your fingertips, and voila! bouncy locks you can be proud of.

Little Extra's: I couldn't do a Hair Heroes post without mentioning my Tangle Teezer, which, as you probably all know, works wonders on stubborn and knotty hair. This is the only brush that can work out my knots after a bath or shower without tugging horribly on my scalp and pulling out clumps of hair. Definitely saved my hair, big time. I also love, love, love Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Split End Protection Cream for dry and dull ends. Since using this I have noticed a significant difference in the appearance of my split ends as well as preventing them from splitting furthur or new splits occurring. I love this so much I do use this after every wash. Last, but not least, is the beauty hit that is Moroccan Oil. I don't think I need to go into too much detail about this for it's hair healing powers are renowned. It's not pictured above as it currently resides on my boyfriends bedside table, note to self: must get that back..

What are your hair heroes?

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Giveaway: MAC Archie's Girls Flatter Me Face Powder & Betty Bright Lipstick

Quite a while back I reached 1,000 GFC followers which was a massive but pleasant shock for me. I did intend to do a drug store favourites giveaway but when the MAC Archie's Girls Limited Edition Range popped up I picked up extra's of my favourite products from the range. I absolutely adore the coral Betty Bright Lipstick and the Pearlmatte face powder in Flatter Me is my favourite item from the range. I loved both so much I picked up two and so I've decided instead of letting them wait around in my drawer for an age why not give you lot the chance to win them instead as I know a lot of people didn't manage to get their hands on any of the range! Thank you to all of you that follow and read Little Red!

I hope you like this over the drug store idea! The images are taken from my personal collection as the items for giveaway are still wrapped and untouched. The only compulsory element of the giveaway is that you must be following Little Red on Bloglovin' which you can find here! Bloglovin does now show you who is following so I will be checking! The giveaway is international so get entering and good luck to you all!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Beauty Bargain: Dainty Doll Cosmetics

Dainty Doll cosmetics have been high up on my want list for quite some time but after many occasions perusing their stand in Boots I was yet to purchase anything. For those of you that haven't heard much about the brand Dainty Doll is the brainchild of Girls Aloud star, Nicola Roberts. Nicola is known in recent years for her fiery locks and ghostly skin, as well as an impeccable sense of style if I must say so myself. If you're pale like me you may too have the problem of finding foundation or blush that isn't too dark or too clown like for your skin tone, but that's where dainty doll steps in...

I recently spied an absolute bargain on Dainty Doll products over on Fragrance Direct, product prices had been slashed with me spending only a measly £1.99 on blush compared to their usual retail price of around £14 - who could say no! I have noticed a few sites offering up discounted dainty doll products and it begs the question whether Dainty Doll is being discontinued or not but I could not find any concrete evidence of this. Us pale girls are in for such a treat with such a discount on products that both flatter and add a touch of warmth to our skin tone. I particularly love the cream blushes which blend effortlessly on to the skin. Next on my list is the foundation which I've been dying to see if it lives up to the hype!

What do you think of DD Cosmetics?
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Monday, 18 March 2013

New In: Homely Treasures

Ceramic Owl Money Box - Gifts & Pieces, Shabby Chic Floral Edge Chalk Board - E-bay, Red Floral Home Cushion - Gifts & Pieces, Stopped for Tea Framed Print - Gifts & Pieces

Home Decor posts have fast become so of my favourites to read, I love having a good old nose at how people decorate their bedrooms in particular. I'm always looking for inspiration for my own room as well as compiling dreamy wishlists for when I finally get my own flat. As I'm moving back home this Summer after finishing three years at Uni - how fast time flies! - I've decided to perk up my bedroom and add a touch more life and character to the place.
I've removed my bookcase and opted instead to ransack Ikea for over three hours, seriously I could live in that place. I'm currently setting up a monochrome wall cabinet display which will be my main storage for books, candles and cosmetics - being attached the wall also makes my room look a lot more spacious with no clutter and cabinets taking on floor space. My 21st is also coming up next month and, following my white furniture theme, my nan is going to buy me a new vanity and desk set up which I just can't wait for as my current oak desk sticks out against the rest of my decor.

Gifts & Pieces is a gorgeous little shop and online boutique that is home to a great range of decor treats and I had to resist getting one of everything! I particularly love the floral home cushion which has taken pride of place on my bed. The chalkboard is a cute little addition which I'm hoping to hook up next to my vanity and write to do lists and blog post ideas on which will come in handy.

Is anyone else on a bit of a spring cleaning kick? I'd love to see any of your decor posts, so leave links in the comments!

For those of you that follow me on GFC and have not yet signed up or refollowed on bloglovin' you can find my blog updates here from now on - thank you!
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Friday, 15 March 2013

Go On, Tuck In!

I recently made a sweet jar as a little gift for my Dad who shares my sweet tooth. It really didn't take too long before the whole thing was devoured and these sweet jars are a cute and cheap way of showing someone your love. The jar cost around 80p from Ikea and the sweets are made up of an assortment of sugary favourites such as strawberry laces, refreshers, love hearts and gummy treats.

Perfect for a cosy night in snack for you and some friends, or let's face it just for you. It's okay to indulge sometimes and these jars act as your very own pick 'n' mix. I know I'll have mine ready to tuck into whilst Red Nose Day takes over our tv screens! What do you think?

P.s. Most of you may have heard about GFC Reader being on its way out, I would love it if you could refollow me here on bloglovin' and leave any links you may have in the comments. You can also import all of your GFC Readers onto bloglovin' following these simple steps that Maria has explained on her blog! Thank you!

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Where have you been?

I hope this post doesn't come across too pretentious with the 'where have you been?' title but I did get a few e-mails/tweets asking why I hadn't blogged much recently or if I was giving up on this blog. The answer is a very firm no. I have recently cut myself off from all things social media with my usual hundred tweets a day becoming a very sparse one or two every couple of weeks as well as not even venturing on to facebook or catching up on blogs (which I have greatly missed). The reason being that I have not quite felt myself lately and have been suffering from very severe anxiety episodes which I have now visited my local GP about and I'm glad to say I am feeling a lot better. Sometimes we all just need a little time away, to step back, take a deep breath and take some time for ourselves and our sanity and that's just what I've done.

 Another factor is the obvious stresses and strains of being in your final term of Uni, eek! I'd like to say I've been focusing all my free time on my university work but really I have had an extreme lack of energy and have been taking it easy. I now have left myself with a lot to tackle but I'm up for the challenge, I have cleared my room to try and create a more productive workspace, and started up on my module reading list once again making notes and organising everything into folders as I go. Get me!

I know this blog has been put on the back burner a lot recently and its something that I don't wish to do as a month away and I well and truly feel out of blogging loop! I know I promised a 1,000 Followers Giveaway and that will be coming up by the end of the month as I'm just waiting on a few last bit's and bob's that I've ordered for it.

Thank you for your patience and sticking with me. Little Red well and truly has nodded off lately and I think now is the time to wake up...

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