Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Where have you been?

I hope this post doesn't come across too pretentious with the 'where have you been?' title but I did get a few e-mails/tweets asking why I hadn't blogged much recently or if I was giving up on this blog. The answer is a very firm no. I have recently cut myself off from all things social media with my usual hundred tweets a day becoming a very sparse one or two every couple of weeks as well as not even venturing on to facebook or catching up on blogs (which I have greatly missed). The reason being that I have not quite felt myself lately and have been suffering from very severe anxiety episodes which I have now visited my local GP about and I'm glad to say I am feeling a lot better. Sometimes we all just need a little time away, to step back, take a deep breath and take some time for ourselves and our sanity and that's just what I've done.

 Another factor is the obvious stresses and strains of being in your final term of Uni, eek! I'd like to say I've been focusing all my free time on my university work but really I have had an extreme lack of energy and have been taking it easy. I now have left myself with a lot to tackle but I'm up for the challenge, I have cleared my room to try and create a more productive workspace, and started up on my module reading list once again making notes and organising everything into folders as I go. Get me!

I know this blog has been put on the back burner a lot recently and its something that I don't wish to do as a month away and I well and truly feel out of blogging loop! I know I promised a 1,000 Followers Giveaway and that will be coming up by the end of the month as I'm just waiting on a few last bit's and bob's that I've ordered for it.

Thank you for your patience and sticking with me. Little Red well and truly has nodded off lately and I think now is the time to wake up...

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  1. I know how you feel on the uni stress side of things! My blog suffered big time while I was at London College of Fashion, and I've only just got my stats back to normal!
    Sorry to hear about your anxiety issues, but I'm glad you're feeling better now :)

    Hayley x

  2. Sometimes it is all about having a little time out & head space, to reflect, regroup & take a little care of ourselves. I am glad you had some time for you. x

  3. It really is :) Thank you Lucie xx

  4. which font is that?

  5. love you too bby grl

  6. the text or the image? the text is georgia, not sure about the image! x

  7. oh, sorry, i mean the image! thanks anyway|


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