Friday, 23 November 2012

drops of jupiter in her hair

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turtle neck tank crop top - pop couture*
skater skirt - topshopboots - topshop
 spike drop earrings - pop couture*
nails - topshop eclipse
This outfit somehow reminded me off sexy office chic which I have never ever pulled off and yes, I know, it's very grey, but I really like it. I absolutely adore the burgundy boots and they are mega comfortable, seriously walking in heels is a mean feat for me, I'm usually useless and am that girl you see carrying her heels home at the end of the night. Classy bird. 

I want to take a moment to introduce to Pop Couture, I have got a post about them coming up shortly from their event I attended last night which was SO lovely - I met so many really lovely bloggers there and we all got chatting away so if you're reading this HEYYY! Pop Couture is home to some really gorgeous pieces and I've been browsing their site most of this afternoon after an early morning lecture, not only that but the price tag is a very warm welcome for us students. The earrings I'm wearing above are a very cheap and cheerful £3, bargain!

I've gone back to a more nude lip again recently after braving bolder lips for quite some time now I think it's time to strip back a little. What do you think?

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  1. how teeny is your waist! Beautiful, love love the crop <3 xo

  2. Lovely outfit and you have a great figure! x

  3. Love the look from head to toe. Your hair is to die for doll xx

  4. omg you look amazing you skinny minnie, i gave mine to my housemate, she loved it!

  5. I'm loving skater skirts at the moment- great outfit :)

  6. Beautiful! You're hair look gorgeous.
    Great post.


  7. you look so gorgeous lauren, wish i could pull off an outfit like this! i adore how you've done your makeup, your eyes look lovely xx

  8. well you look bloody gorgeous! HELLO.

  9. You look gorgeous, love your hair!xx

  10. Love those boots!! They're gorgeous, got a huge love for anything burgundy at the moment :) you're hair looks so pretty too! x

  11. I love this top, it's such a lovely outfit x


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