Thursday, 8 November 2012

Bloggers Breakfast with Avene & Klorane

Never a girl to refuse a hearty breakfast I was delighted when Pegasus PR held a bloggers breakfast  at The Delaunay (which me and Jemma found ridiculously hard to find despite the fact we was actually stood right outside it - don't ask!) and showcased the latest from the Avene Skincare and Klorane Hair care ranges.

I had heard of the Avene line before but had never tried anything for myself so I was really intrigued to hear what some of the fuss was about. We were taken through the range, which specialises not only in understanding more about sensitive skin but aiding it through specific products. There is a tier used when understanding what type of sensitive skin you may have starting with sensitive, then intolerant, and finally allergic skin types. According to which group you belong you will pointed towards the right products for you. For example, the Antirougeurs range (which retails from £14.50) is geared towards those who suffer from rosacea-prone skin - so signs of redness, broken veins, and flushing.
Two products that caught my eye especially were, firstly, the Very High Protection Tinted Compact SPF50 (£24.00) which is great for the on the go girl and offers long lasting UVA protection, as well as a great cosmetic coverage. However, the problem I found with this product, for me personally, is that the shade they offer is far too dark for my skin tone but would work really well for medium-dark skin tones. The final product that caught my attention was the Micellar Lotion* which reminds me very much of Bioderma, which I'm sure you've all heard and seen rave reviews about. Luckily, we were given this product to take home for ourselves and I can tell you now, make-up removal has never been so easy. It's gentle. It's soothing. It's quick. I bloomin' love it. After use the team at Avene recommend a spritz of Eau Thermale* (Thermal Spring Water) which acts like the sought after Caudalie Elixir but for a cheaper price tag. Reviews will be coming soon!

As for Klorane, a brand that was completely unknown to me prior the breakfast, I found the concept of using particular plants for particular hair types and problems innovative. Sourced from all over the world from Bulgaria to Morroco, a lot of thought and research has gone into finding the right plant to solve every specific hair care issue. Both Avene and Klorane offer up 100% natural ingredients which is something I seek for my skin and hair care as I have both sensitive skin and scalp. From pomegranate scented shampoo, for those with coloured hair, to Mango, for dryer hair types, and all for a very cheap and cheerful £6! I will definitely be stocking up. Popping over to John Lewis now!

Are you a lover of all things natural? Do you suffer from sensitive or blemish prone skin?

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  1. looks like so much fun! i use an avene cream on a sugery scar on my eyelid and it's been working so well! the scar is healing great!
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  2. Sounds like you had a lovely time, the breakfast looks good! I've never heard of this brand before so thanks for sharing it with me :D


  3. always wanted to try Avene but it's just not suitable for my oily skin! looks like you had a fun time though! btw, I approve of your red hair! I'm trying to be a ginger girl myself haha

    Miss drifted Snow White

  4. Man I want a pastry right now! xo

  5. Great post!


  6. Great post. I am interested in trying out these products one by one. I have heard so much about Avene products but I haven't tried one so this will be my first time. Hope that my skin loves it.

  7. It's nice using all sorts of creams and gels but my opinion is that they can never beat an expert's advice received from a specialised beauty clinic when it comes to efficiency.


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