Friday, 30 November 2012

I'm living on such sweet nothing

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Dress - Pop Couture*
Millicent Stud Boots - topshop
bracelets - topshop
earrings - pop couture*
nails - models own Southern Lights & Blizzard
If you saw my post on the Pop Couture Event that I attended last week you will already know that they were generous enough to let us choose an item of our own to review. I chose this plush velvet, burgundy dress, and I absolutely love it, don't you?
Yes, so posing in it whilst we're experiencing minus degree weather, and in front of a very amused crowd just off Oxford Street, was more than just a little bit chilly especially with the waistline cut outs, but I had to show off the beautiful detailing. What I didn't manage to catch on camera is the black lace back with golden flecks which, together with the gold studded collar chain, help to complete this dress as a go to night out number. For £22 I think its a complete and utter bargain and I can't thank Pop Couture enough

I was hurrying around the glittering streets of London again last for Louise Thompson (from Made in Chelsea, for any reality tv junkies like myself) for Goddiva Fashion Launch but more on that in an upcoming post! It's beyond amazing witnessing my city in all its festive glory. Oxford Street was, as always at this time of year, brimming with tourists, shoppers, and locals all taking in the Christmassy atmosphere and I well and truly caught the festive bug - squeee! I even popped up my Christmas tree this evening, earliest its ever been up and all I have to say is bah humbug to it being bad luck, I like being keen, okay.

Are you getting into the Christmas Spirit this year? *plays Mariah Carey's 'All I want for Christmas' on repeat..*

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  1. Great outfit! Absolutely love that dress! Amazing colour and style! xxx

  2. Gorgeous dress, i love the colour. I am so in the Christmas spirit already yay :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. lovley dress!!

  4. I took one of the back so don't know what happened there :/ sorry guys, photographers fault ha! You little stunner in this though, major envy xx

  5. i loved your dress, I want one like that! you look amazing!

  6. Cute outfit. The dress is beautiful!

  7. Love that dress, you look fab Lauren! I have a new want for something velvety at the moment.. be it a dress or a skirt, will check out the pop couture website.. it's always one of the ones that slips my mind! xx

  8. I LOVE that dress, you look amazing in it x

  9. The dress is such a nice shade of red :) xxx

  10. Gorgeous Holiday dress!! ♥ I love it! ♥


  11. Seriously that dress looks absolutely amazing on you! Love the material and design and everything! x


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