Friday, 24 August 2012

dog days

Let me introduce you to the hairiest member of my family, Storm. No, we did not choose the name because we like a bit of X-Men (although I DO love the trilogy), in fact we didn't name her at all as my nan rescued her from a former abusive home. When we first took her in, she was timid, extremely wary and nervous when it came to any form of interaction, however, despite her not so pleasant, and of course down right cruel, former condition and the 'violent' and 'aggressive' stereotype that is attached to her breed, a Staffordshire terrier, she has never displayed any unruly behaviour and is possibly the friendliest dog I've met.

Whilst my nan is away on a short break I've been dog sitting and on our various walks around woodlands and the fields that back on to my house we have been faced with a lot stigma due to her being a staffie. I understand some people being nervous around a breed known for being quite aggressive but to full on accept that ALL members of that breed are menacing and violent isn't right. Storm is gentle, fun loving, and playful. I have such a soft spot for staffies as my nan has had two more just the same in temperament beforehand, it just goes to show it's not always in their nature, it's how you raise them and treat them that makes them what they are.

Isn't she a little cutie?

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  1. Staffies dont even fall under the dangerous dogs acts! They are such lovely, beautiful dogs and it is evil people who TRAIN the dogs to be violent that cause this horrible stigma. My fatherinlaw runs a dog rescue and the amount of Staffies that come through is just heartbreaking, especially when you hear their background stories. Your nans dog is beautiful, it's such a shame Storm has to face such stigma! (and that is an awesome name for a dog!) xo

  2. I totally agree, as a fellow staffy owner it saddens me that this breed of dog is given such a hard time. They have a gorgeous temperament, and are one of a very few breeds that are known to be excellent with children. In fact they have the nickname 'the nanny dog'. Any dog has the potential to be aggressive, it's definitely how they are treated and brought up that makes them that way! X


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