Tuesday, 14 August 2012

look loud lips: baby doll

Second of the three Loud Lips lipsticks I received in my Look Beauty Prize was the shade Baby doll (the other two being Toffee Cup and Tangerine Cream). I must admit at first I was thinking of adding this lippie to my give-away prize as I'm not a fan on pink lipsticks no matter what the shade, I just have always doubted that I could pull off a subtle pink let alone barbie pinks and fuchsia's due to my colouring.  But then I stopped to think 'but Lauren you've never tried' and so here we are.

The Look Loud Lips range are housed in baby pink boxes with Ashley Isham print for decoration which is also embossed on the sturdy, magnetic silver lipstick casing. I like the magnetic casing as it shuts close in a jiffy and my lipstick feels protected. Despite not being the most delicate packaging wise I find the print extremely pleasing to the eye.

Baby Doll is a pale barbie pink that applies more subtle than it appears in tube form but can also be build up for a brighter pink lip. Look Loud Lips from my personal experience are a delightful addition to your lips, I love the creamy formula which feels light to touch once applied and buttery soft. I find myself rubbing my lips together often which perhaps isn't the best thing for longevity but they really do feel that soft, and they're extremely moisturising. Pigmentation wise these aren't the best and longest wear I would say would be a max. of three hours but that wouldn't put me off purchasing from their collection, I only wish there was more shade to choose from!

Have you tried anything from the Look Beauty Range?

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