Thursday, 10 October 2013

Skincare Spotlight: Liz Earle, Melvita, & La Roche-Posay

I tend to swap things up in my skincare routine just to keep things fresh. This trio has moved its way to the front of class starting with the Melvita Eau Extraordinaire Rose Water*, which I use after toning but before applying a serum/moisturiser. This can be used underneath your makeup and gives you that slightly tightened feeling whilst cooling and refreshing your skin. I love using this to prep my skin in the mornings, it aims to rejuvenate the skin and I can't get enough of the subtle floral notes this gives off. 

Next up, meet Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser*, my second stab at the Liz Earle skincare line and let me tell you I'm impressed. I thought my Origins Gin Zing Moisturiser paired with their Drink Up Mask was the holy grail of hydration, but this might give that combo a run for it's money. I tend use this solely in the evenings as it's slightly too rich for morning use before applying makeup - that's where Origins GinZing comes in (review here). Formulated for dry and sensitive skin, my two skin issues in one tube, this is perfect for me. The blend of avocado oil and echinacea smells heavenly and leaves my skin feel soft and supple. This literally melts into my skin without leaving a greasy film or residue that I have found with some moisturisers. I wake up with skin as soft as a baby's bum, and we all know that's soft.

Skincare bolt on of the week has to go to La Roche-Posay's Cicaplast Baum B5*. For the past few months I've had a unsightly breakout of eczema on my thumb and behind my knees, not comfortable when you're itching 24/7. I've tried eczema creams only to find temporary relief without actually healing the dry patches, however this cream has really helped. Cicaplast isn't just for eczema sufferers but makes a great addition to any of you that have bouts of dry skin. It's a really great multi-purpose product, which can be used on your lips, face or any dry patches on your body. Couldn't recommend this enough.

What's are at the top of your skincare stash at the minute?

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  1. I love Origins GinZing so I'm very tempted to try the Liz Earle! Sounds lovely.

    Katie |

  2. I love the Liz Earle moisturisers, I actually need to get round to re-purhcasing mine soon x

  3. I'm about to finish my own Melvita Extraordinary Water (I have the orange blossom one), and I can safely say that that stuff saved my face this past winter. I'm transitioning to Hydraluron now, but I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Melvita. That Liz Earl moisturizer sounds lovely, too!

  4. Love Liz Earle Moisturisers, i've tried them all at some point. I find the Normal/Combination best for my skin as the dry/sensitive is very rich, but great for nighttime.

  5. I am in love with rose water and Liz Earle moisturisers too!

  6. Never heard of the Melvita Rose water before, sounds a-mazing. Will have to track this one down.Im a fellow user of origins so you saying that the Liz Earle is a better combo has definitely piqued my interest!

    Eloise | simplynaturale xo

  7. oo now I'm quite keen to try the Liz Earle moisturisers, I'm looking for a new product to use at night time...time to investigate! :)

    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-


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