Tuesday, 3 July 2012

a very belated (two) week(s) in pictures

  Gel Nails//Favourite Summer Drink//Costco Cakes//Father's Day//Coming home to find this on your bed is a great end to the day//Choc Chip & Triple Choc Chic Cookie Dough//Posing for an Outfit Post//Healthy Lunch & Dinner Feast//Forum Pre drinks!//Costa Chic//Goon Face//Pink Lemonade - yum!//Nando's//Sleeping Beauty//Sparkly Nails//Destroyig the Garden//Upcoming Outfit Post//Chinese Buffet//Lazy Day with Tangled 
I've been useless keeping up to date with my Sunday Session posts recently as Jon FINALLY got some time off work so we've been spending a lot of it together and with our friends before he jetted off on his lads holiday to Magalluf this morning. He's gone for nearly two weeks and with the current climate in my household being somewhat tense I can feel it being a long old twelve days. But nonetheless I hope him and the boys have an amazing time and there is a very distinct pang of jealousy as I reminisce about my girls holiday to Zante a couple years back.

I'll be getting a lot of blogging done in his absence as well as regular swimming sessions with my fellow Magalluf widow, Ellie, which I'm looking forward to as my body yearns for some much needed exercise!

I'm also glad to report that I got a 2.1 in my second year uni results which I'm super ecstatic about as I had been the worlds worst student this past year and it makes those gruelling last minute revision sessions worthwhile. Hope you all got the results you wanted especially those of you that are in your final year!!

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  1. Lau I love your little blog, because you Never answer the phone, it's a way for me to find out what's going on in your life :-) love you ( hope this dosen't embarrass you)

    1. Aw thank you Dad :) love you too! x


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