Saturday, 7 July 2012

£100 asos challenge

£100 asos challenge

001. metallic playsuit with v front £38 - 002. trinity platform wedges £85  £34 - 003. Accessories: 1. Pieces Camma Ring £12 - 2. Cage Arm Cuff £12 £6 -  3. Just Acces Inor Bracelet £20 £10

£38 + £ £34 + £12 + £6 + £10 = £100

I've seen a fair few bloggers post their entries for The £100 ASOS Challenge Competition and having never been one to enter one of these competitions I thought 'why not give it a go' and this is the outfit I came up with that sums up to exactly £100 which is a lot harder than it looks to do, trust me.

The task was to piece together the hottest possible outfit you could for the allotted £100 budget and so I've gone for an evening outfit that hopes to dazzle and attract.

As the playsuit has quite a deep plunging v-neck I didn't need to accentuate the neckline and cleavage anymore so there was no need for a necklace although a cute silver pendant may do nicely there. I think for some this playsuit may be a bit daring but the combination of a metallic textured crepe fabric and gathered high waist are bang on trend and bound to place all eyes on you, this playsuit isn't for wallflowers. I've kept the colour scheme quite neutral, you don't need neon pinks and florals to stand out, with matching cream platform wedges which I had to resist buying even at their reduced price as I'm saving for a late holiday deal in September. I find wedges sooooo much more comfortable and easier to walk in as I'm no Victoria Beckham when it comes to trotting around in skyscraper heels.

For accessories I fell in love with the just acces inor bracelet as and ring combo as its understated yet extremely beautiful and its fragility is extremely feminine. On the other arm I would place the silver cage arm cuff and the teal stone of the camma ring adds a touch of colour that compliments the metallic playsuit and also resembles for me the yves saint laurent arty oval rings slightly but for a much cheaper price tag!

What do you think of this outfit? Is it something you would like to wear?


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