Thursday, 12 July 2012

midweek wishlist

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01. revlon just bitten kissable lip balm stain in sweetheart (oosh! that's quite a moutful!) £5.99 - 02. river island flatform wedges £35 - 03. topshop blush in neon rose £6.00 - 04.  topshop petite stud shoulder sweater £34 - 05. topshop co-ord mint boucle skirt £38

This weeks list is a bit of a topshop fest but as I'm on a spending ban at the moment I will just have to look and lust over as I really do need to start saving up for mine and Jon's holiday in September as well as for my first tattoo which I hope to get by the end of summer! 

I am excited to get my hands on the revlon just bitten balm/stains as I can't afford the more heftily priced clinique chubby sticks and I'm a sucker for balm/stain hybrids. I do actually have enough points on my boots card to treat myself...

As you can probably see my blog has had a bit of a tidy up and I'd love to hear your thoughts as I think it looks a lot more tidy? I'm not the best with html so this will have to do for now! Oh! I almost forgot to mention that I set up a facebook page for 'little red' just the other day (hopefully not too pretentious as it does seem to be the done thing these days) and so I'd greatly appreciate if you 'liked' and I do hope to be quite interactive on there and get to know you all better!

I'm currently sat here with Bob the Builder on in the background for some reason and a mug full of chocolate milk, I'm such a big kid! Oh dear, Lauren... I can't wait till Jon gets back from his holiday this Saturday and my sanity returns as I've lost touch with any concept of time recently falling asleep at ridiculous hours but yet waking up early still only to nap midday, not good! 

Anywhoo! Hope you're all well!

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