Tuesday, 10 July 2012

17 Lip Stain in Berry Crush

I recently had a bit of a splurge in Boots and one of the items I picked up was 17 Berry Crush Lipstain after nearly half an hour of swatching different lip products and resulting in a lipstick rainbow all across my hand - I did get a few odd looks. I decided upon 17 lip stains as at £4.99 was a cheaper alternative to Revlon Just Bitten Lip Balm and Stain range at £7.99 which I am yet to try.

I really love the concept of lipstain and balm duo as lip stains do have a tendency to be quite drying on the lips and attach more colour to rough patches on skin distributing unevenly which isn't exactly a flattering look.

Berry Crush does give a gorgeous wash of an rose pink with plum undertones as can be seen in the photo above, it does seem to make my lips seem fuller as well as adding that needed hydration as it is enriched with Vitamin C. However, the colour pay off is here and there as sometimes I have struggled to deposit much colour at all via the nib of the pen having to prod my lips using the sides of the applicator and then smooth over and even out with the lip balm. So, for me this product is very hit and miss as sometimes I have trouble distributing the product, but that might just be me? One thing I would attribute to it though is that once on it's extremely long lasting with wear for up seven to eight hours which I think is fantastic.

Overall, for less than a fiver when it does work for me it really does work and therefore is worth the money in terms of longevity and when you the colour pay off works.

Can you recommend any lip stain?

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