Thursday, 19 July 2012

Look 'Prime Perfect' Primer

I've only recently got into using a facial primer after I moisturise and before I apply my foundation with my potion of choice being Benefits Porefessional which I adore. However, at a hefty £23 a pop I've been looking elsewhere for cheaper drugstore alternatives so was extremely pleased when I received this from the lovely people at Look Magazine.

At £10 the pricing is somewhat in the middle of the range compared to pricier L'Oreal, Revlon, and GOSH primers and the cheaper alternatives produced by MUA and Collection 2000. I'm not entirely sure if I would have ever picked this primer up whilst browsing around Superdrug as the packaging is very simple and not too much to behold, which in many respects I do like but my eyes would not immediately be drawn in instead preferring brands such as L'Oreal that appear more worth the money, if that makes sense?

Packaging is not the bee all and end all, it is the product and the results it produces that matter most in my opinion. The formula is like a water based jelly, I'd advise you to use a little as it goes a long way, and once applied to the face using circular motions my skin does soak it up like a dream and it's left feeling very even and incredibly soft as soon as the primer has worked its way into the skin.
Upon first applying this product I was slightly adverse to the water based formula worrying that it was slightly oily on my skin as I used far too much product when you really only need the size of a 5p for it to spread evenly across your face. Overall, although I do prefer the thicker paste formula of my Benefit Porefessional which I could not rave on about enough, I have become a little bit attached to the feel of this primer on my skin as it leaves my skin feeling very light and refreshed. 

Look's 'Prime Perfect' Primer does work rather well in terms of prolonging my make-up for the day and leaving my skin soft but I'm not sure whether I would re-purchase this product at £10 for 35ml. I'd like to try a primer that tackles redness in the skin next as that's my main skin complaint and therefore after using this primer, and loving the even layer and softness it creates, I'd like to try Look's Colour Correct Primer next as I think that would be more suited for my skin.

What's your favourite primer?

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