Friday, 27 July 2012

top summer nail polishes

(l-r) essie lapiz of luxury, barry m berry, barry m mint green, barry m peach melba, barry m pink silver glitter,  ted baker (fuschia pink)

Just a quick little post to share with you my top six summer nail polishes as I love reading these posts myself as I'm always on the hunt for new shades to add to my quite modest collection. I didn't get into pampering and showcasing my nails till quite recently as I've long fought the nail biters battle and so therefore had not much reason to highlight my stubby nails. I'm quite proud of myself for letting them grow out with some help from wearing gel nails (review here) which forced me to break the habit.

As you can see the majority of my collection is from Barry M as I just can't fault their nail paints and also the fact that they are at the cheaper end of the price range in comparison to brands like essie, which I still love nonetheless. Most of the shades I've chosen are also pastels which suit the spring/summer season perfectly and add a great touch to any outfit, my personal favourite being Barry M Peach Melba, I'm a coral girl at heart you know.

What are your favourite summer shades?

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  1. The easie and ted baker polishes are gorgeous! Xo


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