Tuesday, 10 July 2012

mac cut a caper

As some of you may know MAC have recently released their 'Heavenly Creatures' collection which I was really excited for. However, upon looking at swatches and online reviews I opted against buying any of the oh-so-gorgeous-looking mineralize skin finishes and blushes as once swatched I personally find they're not too different from products I already own so the only thing I bought from the collection is Cut a Caper lipstick which I have long awaited.
There is always one product out of every collection that is a sure fire to sell out fast and my prediction is that it will be Cut a Caper!

I find Cut a Caper to be a neutral everyday lipstick with slight yellow undertones to its overall light pinky peach finish which I think will suit most skin tones. It is quite sheer and therefore may need to be built up a fair bit to gain coverage especially if you have quite pigmented lips like mine. Although I've noted some to find Lustre finishes to be a little drying I however find the opposite whilst using this lipstick. I find that longevity wise it lasts up to three hours. 

I really love peach lipsticks and I think this one is perfect for the warmer months as well as being acceptable as an everyday lipstick as it is quite muted. Having said this it's nothing too 'wow' and as MAC have recently yet again upped there prices to £14 I'm sure there are cheaper alternatives for instance Sleek Peaches and Cream if you don't want to spend too much for a lipstick!

Cut a Caper is one of my all time favourites and a very welcome addition to my collection.

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