Monday, 18 June 2012

I cannot get enough of...

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1. I've recently become so addicted to this programme, another trashy America drama suits me just fine and this one really does pack a punch, pardon the pun. I really love the whole plot and history of this series and have found myself watching three episodes in a row without a thought or care in the world besides who is next on 'Emily Thorne''s list to revenge...

2. This post highlights just how much crappy tv I do watch as I've also become totally enamored with new sitcom 'Girls'. I really think you should all go check it out, I practically watched the whole first series in one sitting and have fallen in love with it. It's honest, hilarious and a real hit in my eyes and I find the frank sexual humour concerning young female adults really refreshing.

3. I love smoothies and have always pegged the Innocent smoothie brand as overpriced for what it essentially is but recently they've been on offer in Tesco's and I've been gulping my way through a variety of different fruity flavours!

4. DIY Collar tips are somewhat blowing up everywhere I look and Zara is my go to store at the moment which isn't such a good thing when I'm saving up for my first tattoo amongst other things!

5. I'm heading to Reading Festival again this year and was really excited to hear that Azealia Banks was playing, I really think she's one to keep an eye on and she's been on repeat on my spotify all week.

What can't you get enough of lately?

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