Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sunday Session #7

April Favs//RIP Rocky :(//Shameless Posing//AA Disco Pants ready for Forum//Baskin & Robbins makes my day//Housemates <3//Loving Life in our Pool somewhat drunk//BBQ!//Treats from Boots//Jedi time! on Kinect//Handbag Love @ Zara//Brush Cleaning Time//This show makes my evenings - Phil Dunphy <3//|Cocktails @TGI's//Aunties 40th Outfit!
This is a bit of a compilation of the past two weeks which has been filled with laughter, paddling pool frolicks and making the most of the sunshine we were blessed with for only a short period of time. My AA Disco Pants finally felt like they fit so I've been parading around in them whenever I have the chance and therefore I have been sung at "you better shape up, because I need a man" countless times for their resemblance to Grease. I'm so glad to finally put exams behind me and enjoy my four months of freedom! Hooray!

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