Thursday, 21 June 2012

skulls and lycra

loose knit jumper - asos
leggings (disco pants) - american apparel 
flatforms - h&m

After yesterday's bout of glorious sunshine I did get my hopes up that the weather may be turning for the better once again, foolish me. It rained. No, it poured.
Luckily I live in jumpers and the autumn and winter months are preferable to me over spring and summer as I love bit snug knitted jumpers and layering. I found this loose knit jumper on asos and found it perfect for the on/off weather we are having as it covers you are yet it light and cool so can be worn on sunnier days. The henna skull design is what caught my eye and has received many compliments whilst wearing it in my local nando's for an evening dinner with the girls. Second time this week, seriously cannot get off enough chicken in my diet, I'm obsessed.

Although I have what many have called a 'blessed' amount of time off for Summer before I head back to Uni I am getting pretty bored of it already. Lacking structure and anything of actual importance to do has lead me to occupy a lifestyle of a slob. I should actually be planning my dissertation, I know, eek! Scary times, it's so hard to believe I'll be finished my degree this time next year, I don't want it to be over - I can't face the real world just yet, leave me be with my super noodles and nocturnal body clock, thank you.

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