Friday, 15 June 2012

Gel Nails - an indulgent treat

Normally I hate my nails, I've been a biter ever since I can remember always owning a set of stubby, grubby bitten down nails that even a sparkly Barry M Nail Paint couldn't revive into any form of attractiveness. I've tried all sorts of nail biting deterrents, I even grew quite accustomed to the bitter taste that was meant to repel me from gnawing on my barely there nails - strange I know.

I've been feeling a little down in the dumps recently with the initial excitement of Summer increasingly waning as I still have nearly four months left and find myself with little to do and not much money to spend which doesn't bode well when you're an avid fashion and beauy blog reader - believe me! However, on Wednesday my best friend Cara twisted my arm - very little twisting was needed I'm afraid, I'm too weak!- and we plodded along to our local nail salon.

This is my second time getting gel nails and they instantly make me feel so much more glam and presentable, even more feminine! Prices obviously will vary wherever you go but our local is a little bit pricey at £28 a pop with infills costing £12 but my nails take their time to grow out so mine end up lasting just over three months which I declare as an investment just for making me feel that little bit better about myself. Yes, that seems rather materialistic but I'm not really one to get sucked in to the whole pampering and primping myself up scene.

It normally takes about 15-20 minutes and although it doesn't really hurt you in any way it can be a little uncomfortable at times when they speedily file your nails down and the major downfall of gel nails, if like me you don't want to fork out for infills or removal, they can be a bit of a pain to get off as they obviously become less attractive as they start to grow out and your real nail underneath begins to show - at this point I normally paint over them to try to make it look more even until I can't take it any longer and have to cut them off!
I'd say they are worth getting as a bit of an indulgent treat every now and then, I tend to get mine done around the same time once a year for the summer period and I have been constantly tapping them ever since! However, for a far cheaper and longer lasting alternative there are stick on false nails that you can pick up in any Boots or Superdrug, even Primark!, but I hate faffing around with it all myself most of the time!

Do you know any cheaper alternatives for fixing up lack luster nails?

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