Wednesday, 20 June 2012

the animals went in two by two

denim boyfriend shirt - asos
plain black vest - miss selfridge
shorts - asos
necklace and ring - freedom jewellery via topshop
nails - french manicure
lips - mac costa chic

I was a wee bit naughty, yet again, and found myself browsing the asos website the other night for a few bits to spruce up my summer wardrobe. For any of you that know me, or follow me on twitter you will know that I'm quite the night owl, aka a very bored insomniac who shouldn't be left alone armed with her debit card at three in the morning. I'm blaming my oh so muddled up body clock and my addiction to late night 'revenge' episode marathons so it's acceptable, ssh it is.
I've been after a denim boyfriend shirt for ages and despite knowing that I could have probably picked myself a nice little number in my local charity my sleep deprived insania took over and I forked over a fair bit more at £35. Let this be a warning to you to hide your cards if you, like me, go on late night online shopping spree's! Despite this I love it and it's a very welcome edition to my wardrobe as are the alphabet animal print shorts I also picked up which can be worn casually, like in this outfit, or dressed up for a night out with a crop top as they are highwaisted. One thing I would point out is that if you're interested in buying these maybe pick up a size bigger. I bought a size 8 but they look and feel like a size 6 being a lot harder to squeeze over my not so tiny hips and leaving me feeling like I should have opted for a 10.

I had such a lovely day today and I've been really glad to see the sun putting its hat once again. This yoyo weather is driving me a bit mad as it's so difficult to choose what to wear with one minute of brilliant sunshine and the next you're facing downpours of rain and wind! I spent this afternoon sat in my dads garden with my Granddad, a finnicky old Irish man who seemed to be in the mood for sharing stories, most of which left my belly hurting from so much laughter. I love family days like that.

Ooh before I forget you may have noticed I've tinkled my blog design a tad and next stop is a better header so if any of you are good with photoshop let me know ;)

Let me know if you like these outfit of the day posts as I'm thinking of doing them more regularly!

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