Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sunday Session #8

Standard Pub Grub// Jubilee Spirit//Kindle//Cheeky Nando's Takeaway//Facemasks!//Homemade cakes//2 for £3 just had to!//Wine time in the garden//Off to central with my honeys <3

This week I headed off to Southgate in North London to stay with my housemate before she heads off for an enviable summer in China travelling! We had such an amazing time heading off to Tiger Tiger! and then to Rumba where we bumped into BGT Winner George Sampson and had a bit of a dance - my dancing skills are not to be desired I can assure you! It was lovely spending some quality time with my housemates before we part ways for Summer and the rest of the week was spent gorging myself on home made cakes and bottles of wine in the garden with my friends, perfecto!

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