Thursday, 19 April 2012


Two decades of my life are now complete and I'm edging closer to the real world and things are becoming slightly scary but also tremendously exciting. I'm no longer a teenager and although I feel no different that kind of saddens me as everyone also reflects upon those mischievous teen years and I hopefully made the most of mine bar these last few months, which I will now call a minor blip in my life and soon to be forgotten, fingers crossed.

This is not your standard beauty blog post but I thought I'd just share with you a snippet into my life at the moment which consists of me sitting cross legged on my bed cramped for spaces as it overflows with revision notes, past exam papers, and highlighters congregating among packets of Haribo.

I'm sorry for the lack of posts recently and for the next month I will be off the radar as exams ensue and my nails become non existent. I'll endeavor to blog whenever I can and you'll probably find me on twitter in full on crisis mode panicking about failing this year at university and craving food, no change there then!

But here's too the next decade in my life, let's virtually toast to things going onwards and upwards!

Hope you're all well!

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