Sunday, 8 April 2012

Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait

I'm sure you're all aware of the hype surrounding the new Revlon Lip Butter's, and many of you have been flocking to the shops to get your hands on some of these gorgeous lipstick/lip balm hybrids, so I won't blabber on for too long!

I've already reviewed the Revlon Lip Butter Range and the shade Strawberry Shortcake which you can find here and the second buttery balm I added to my collection was the shade donned by the gorgeous Emma Stone in the promotional ads, as can be seen above, which is Peach Parfait.

Peach Parfait is highly popular and seems to be flying off the shelves which is probably due to its gorgeous light coral tones which always seems to do well but I was lucky enough to snatch one up in my local boots. This shade may also be more popular as the warm peachy tones compliments almost every skin colour, however those of you with more pigmented lips may struggle to get a great colour pay off as this shade isn't as pigmented as others in the collection, it is one of the subtler toned shades.
 I find this shade 'parfait'! for my paler skintone and it really compliments my auburn toned hair which is why Emma Stone is so well suited to this shade in the promo's! It has iridescent flecks of golden shimmer throughout which bodes well with the coral undertones and is a great everyday shade especially for spring time and the summer months!

For £8 it's at the higher end of drugstore makeup for a lip balm/lipstick hybrid and could easily be compared to 17's Mirror Shine Lipsticks at nearly half the price at £4.59. However, I was drawn in by it's moisturising qualities as it both glides on like a traditional lip balm but also leaves a decent colour pay off with a light glossy sheen which I prefer over a sticky lip gloss any day! The packaging reflects the somewhat steeper price as the lip butter is encased within a quilted plastic cover that reflects somewhat the shade inside.

Overall, I really do love like the lip balm/lipstick hybrid and these buttery balms have found a place within my everyday makeup routine! Peach Parfait is the perfect shade for me and one that I would recommend picking up before they sell out!

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