Sunday, 8 April 2012

sunday session #4

Kopparberg Pear, The Gorgeous Lily, Whipsnade Zoo, Bingo!, Friday Night with the Girls, Lush Bath Bombs

Okay, I admit I've taken to splurging out a bit too much moo-la on things I don't really need this week but I haven't had the best of times recently and thought what the heck? I'm going to treat myself! I've caught up with a lot of people this week and spent time making time for the little things that can spread a cheesy grin on your face like no other.

Gala Bingo host free nights on Thursdays so I herded up the girls to sign up and give it a go and I must admit I was pretty excited about getting my hands on one of those dabber pens! Simple things! It was such a laugh and the old biddies take it a lot more seriously than is necessary but it was nice to something different and without having spend any money, but boy do they reel off those numbers quickly!

I've been rushed off my feet with drinks in our local, organising Reading Festival bits and bobs, Kopparberg Mixed Fruits being top of the list, as well as heading off to Whipsnade Zoo yesterday with everyone. It was a bit odd at first because it was all couples and then Jon and I but we soon got over that and were coo-ing over the baby elephants! Talking of babies I met up with my friend Becky during the week and got to meet her gorgeous daughter Lily who happens to be the most adorable thing ever and got me all broody!

When I finally got a chance to relax this week I treated myself to a Lush filled bath as my bath bomb collection has been sitting there patiently as I'm not able to use it at uni as we only have a shower, nothing beat a good hot soak in the tub! Oh, and Easter eggs to munch on after..

How was your Easter weekend?

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