Sunday, 1 April 2012

sunday session #3

Sunday has swung around quickly yet again and another week down until the dreaded university exams begin! My plan of action for this week was to get quite a fair bit of revision done but that somewhat failed so this mission has been passed on to next week, it will happen...I hope.

1. I've missed my girls a lot whilst I've been a uni and it was really nice for us all to be home around the same  time to catch up and go on a girls only night out...however that was slightly interrupted by the boys being in a club just down the road and getting a bit rowdy. I managed to get my hands on the teal playsuit, that I mentioned in my last weekend wishlist, that I've been lusting after as it was reduced to £20 in the sale! And as always, I ended the night with some greasy chip shop grub, splendid.

2. I've moved into my dads house for the week as tensions are running a little high with my mum as we're both stressed about upcoming exams, my mum is at university too you see. It's a much calmer environment, apart from when spurs are playing and my dad transforms into the biggest lad going screaming at the tv! Recently two furry new editions have been added to house called Rocky and Lyla and they're the cutest cats I've ever seen and make a very good hot water bottle...

3.Okay, so duck isn't exactly the healthiest of foods but I've been trying to cut down on junk food, minus the  drunken dash to the chippy. I've been making salads most days and swapping bacon for sardines. It's not to lose weight or anything like that but I just think I should improve my standard of food.

4. Recently my heads been all over the place with my ex giving me many mixed signals and re-enacting jekyl and hyde, not good. So really old friends have been my saving grace the past week, calling me at any hour to take my mind off things and cheer me up. One of them is a guy going through a VERY similar situation and it's always nice to know you're not the only one going through things and that you're not going stir crazy! And yes, I do look like a boy in a dress...

Hope you have a lovely week ahead as always, and may the weather please make up it's mind, sunshine or snow?!

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