Wednesday, 5 September 2012

starting university? freshers advice!

A-levels done and dusted, the not so sunny summer holiday's over and thousands of you are about to embark on one of the greatest journeys of your young lives, cheesy as it may sound. I've headed back up to university this week for my third and final year which I'm both crazy excited for as well also quite worried due to how stressful it's going to be what with my dissertation but I'm definitely up for the challenge and determined to make the most of my last year as a student, waa!

This time last year I made a 'freshers advice' video which I thought I'd share for those of you who are slightly apprehensive and struggling to remember what's best to bring and what not. I hope it helps, it's only a few of my top tips of what I found most useful to know - just remember to have fun, be yourself, and time management is key - however, don't stress too much first year isn't all too bad as long as you attend your lectures and make notes you should most definitely be fine!

So some top tips are: 
  • Storage containers are your best friend, I found having thin clear storage holders that I could slip under my bed were a life saver as university rooms in halls tend to be on the smaller side so compact storage really does help. I stored all my towels and bed sheets in them as well as originally housing all my pots and pans.
  • Stationary wise I tend to go a bit loco! but I'd say a clear study dated planner is a must as well as post it notes as when it comes to revision you'll find these will be decorated on all your walls. Study planners are great for keying in upcoming events, lecture timetables, and deadlines.
  • Don't hide away in your room. I know for those of us on the more introvert side will find meeting new people and having to make a whole new set of friends EXTREMELY daunting BUT trust me pretty much everyone is in the same boat and conversations are easy to start up just by asking what course someone in your halls is on. People on the same floor/flat etc. tend to stick together when it comes to freshers week - I found leaving my door open was great way of becoming approachable
  • Budget! Pre-drink before nights out and look out for student nights and deals on shots, they will be floating about everywhere and are a student's best friend! I'd advise paying for an NUS Card as you will get a bunch of discounts from Mcdonalds to Topshop! 
  • Print off photo's! I found having a bunch of pre-printed photo's from home made me feel a lot more settled as well as adding a more personal and homely touch to my room!
So get ready for a diet of super noodles and eggy bread, late nights, and lot's of reading (especially if you're an English Lit student like me!) but try not to stress too much and first year is a great year to socialise and take advantage of the student lifestyle. I regret not going out so much in my first year as I was pining for home, sitting in my bedroom didn't help the matter and I missed out on some really fun nights out with the friends I did have there. You will get homesick at some point but Skype is a great way of keeping in contact with family and friends and I find that by just going and having a natter with a friend in your halls really does help as they're most probably feeling the same way too!

I've added some of my fresher photo's as well some snaps from second year to hopefully showcase how much fun I had - ah memories!!

Good Luck and if you have any questions let me know! 

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