Saturday, 8 September 2012

I'm no teenage icon

collared blouse - urban outfitters (old)
 mid wash denim shorts - miss selfridge
lace trim ankle socks (black) - topshop
millicent stud back boots (black) - topshop

For those of you that follow me on instagram (ohlittlered) you might have spotted me uploading quite a few sumptuous snaps of our last minute September BBQ at Jon's house this afternoon. The weather literally has been perfect for it and we've really loved just being able to make the most of our weekend together by slapping on a few chicken and lamb skewers onto the BBQ and filling up the cooler with Kopparberg Mixed Fruits Cider, lovely jubbly.

In all honesty it was even to hot today for these cut off denim shorts and this urban outfitters top but I couldn't bring myself to bare my milky white skin in a bikini top so I opted for popping in and out of the shade! Teamed up with my new topshop studded suede boots, which I have taken a strong fancy too and refuse to stop strutting up an down the patio like a loon, I find this is a great outfit to make a quick and easy transition to night out down the pub or cinema. Just add a leather jacket, opt for a darker red lip and some tights and voila! you're ready to go.

Hopefully the sunshine continues but I have heard rumours of heavy rain fall drawing in nearer the end of the weekend, boo! My boyfriend also told me to add that he thinks I look very confused in the second photo, as if I'm just staring and smiling but am not sure why. That's the most philosophical (probably, wrong word choice!) he's been in a while, he's such an oddball. I'm in fact just pulling off cliché fashion blogger poses, the standard leg cross, intense stare, look to the ground and smile at the grass like a loon, you know what I'm on about... 

What have you been up to this weekend?

||Prior to the 10th Sept 2012, all comments were made using Disqus, however, I've now set up a new layout which doesn't support this feature so VERY sadly all my past comments have been deleted. My posts do feel a little like billy no mates now, luckily I have all past comments stored on the Disqus site. What do you think of my new layout?|

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  1. Love the new layout, I found your blog through the #BBloggers chat.


  2. Love this cute summery look, especially the top! Your blog is so pretty, loving the layout! xoxo


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