Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I handled my charm with time and slight of hand

Palm Print Playsuit - Lashes of London*
I have a feeling this will be the last of my garden posing sessions for outfit posts for this year as the last of the fine weather surely draws ever closer. I took full advantage of the burst of sunshine London has welcomed over the past few days and so this playsuit, that I was so kindly allowed to choose from new online fashion site, Lashes of London, made its début.

I have been loving some of their items online, however, I must admit it is slightly pricey for someone of smaller means such as myself and so I would look to purchase a luxury treat instead from their site and stick to rummaging through charity shops and Primark for basic essentials.

I absolutely adore the navy blue teamed with the pastel palm print and the keyhole cut outs, featured in the front and back, which also make it a great night out option as well as for the finer days weather wise. I ordered a six which in most shops can come up WAY too small on me and I'm normally much more comfortable in an eight, however, I do think their sizes may come up a little bit bigger than usual. It was slightly too big for me which was a real shame but I'm working on altering it to be more fitted which is vital with the key hole cut outs, we don't want any indecent exposure!

Hope you've all had a good weekend, please do let me know if you'd prefer more beauty/lifestyle posts to come as well as I know I've been very fashion focused at the minute. Maybe it's the London Fashion Week fever!

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  1. This playsuit is gorgeous. You look beautiful, Lauren xx

  2. Looks lovley

  3. I love the playsuit! I can definitely feel autumn/winter rearing it's head now though, time for sensible warm clothes :( x

  4. Ooo I've never heard of Lashes before, having a little online stalk about now. This playsuit is gorgeous on your, the cut out hole is super cute xoxo

  5. ooh this is lovely! such a nice cut & pattern. you look gorgeous! xx

  6. Nothing wrong with having the London Fashion Week Fever lol. Great dress, looks beautiful :)



  7. oh you look adorable, gorgeous :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  8. Love the play suit, it really suits you! x

  9. Such a cute little playsuit, looks lovely on you too!! X

  10. Really cute dress. LOVE IT X

  11. aw i really like your blog..the design and the photos are so cute :)

    would you like to visit my blog too? I would be glad!


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