Friday, 14 September 2012

Lush: Sex Bomb Ballistic

Lush Bath Bomb in Sex Bomb £3.20
Named after the King of Swagger, Mr Tom Jones, top hit Sex Bom is one of the most popular bath bombs so I just had to try it for myself. I am a huge advocate of Lush, I love their policy on no animal testing and the majority of their products are suitable for my sensitive skin as well as adding a splash of colour to an evening bath.

Jam packed with sensual oils such as clary sage, jasmine and ylang ylang, your skin is in for a treat as well as the bicarbonate in this bath time treat aiding the longevity of the aphrodisiac oils on your skin helping you to smell gorgeous for hours at a time. Yes, that's right, you also heard aphrodisiac pop up there, this bath bomb is one for the lover in all of us and might explain its popularity...ahem.

I loved dunking this into my bath and watching an explosion of bright pink and fuchsia taking over ready for me to dip into, my skin was left feeling silky smooth and the jasmine added a subtle but nonetheless gorgeous aroma. The rose petals once detached from the evaporating bath bomb did, however, become a slight annoyance, they were not real rose petals I don't think but instead became a kind of slimy nuisance. There was only three or four of them so this was easily overlooked but do let me know if you have had a similar or different experience of this!

All in all another winner for Lush, I think it's mainly the novelty of attractive ballistics and bright colours to bring our tub to life that draws me in time and time again. But I must add that my skin has always felt smoother and more nourished after use and never have I yet experienced any rashes or complaints which is a great thing to say as the owner of very sensitive skin.

What are your favourite Lush treats?

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  1. Ooh this looks lovely! A pink bath would make my inner child come out xx

  2. I love this one, i always repurchase!

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. I have this sat in my bathroom, and cannot wait to try this out. The slimy sort of thing on the rose petals is similar to dragons egg, which has little bits of confetti in it which turn slimy in the bath but nothing too annoying :)
    Love your blog

  4. I really think I might buy one of these, they make the bath look so pretty! My absolute favourite lush bits are the comforter and the butterball, they smell sooo gorgeous x

  5. Lush bath bombs are so brilliant, I love how pretty they all are. I'm like a kid in a sweetshop when I start looking at them all!
    Kaz x

  6. You tried my favorite one, I'm obsessed with this one! It's smells so nice too. xo

  7. This is definitely a firm favourite of mine. I also love the comforter, dragons egg and honey bee :) and twilight. Okay I have lots of favourites! :) x

  8. I've just been bought a bath bomb from lush but I have eczema and wasn't sure if I can use it. Thanks for your review I'm sure if your sensitive skin was fine so will mine :) xx

  9. Oh Lush, my one true love <3

  10. yummy :)


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