Monday, 24 September 2012

Look Loud Lips in Tangerine Cream

Look Loud Lips in Tangerine Cream £7*
Look Beauty Range is fast becoming one of my favourite drug store brands and in particular, true to form, the Loud Lips Lipsticks are right up there with my top picks from their line. I received three of their lipsticks, which have also been reviewed, being Baby Doll, Toffee Cup, and finally Tangerine cream.

All of the Loud Lips range are housed in baby pink boxes adorned with the Ashley Isham print which is also embossed on the sturdy, magnetic silver casing. I like the magnetic casing as it shuts close in a jiffy and my lipstick feels protected, despite not being the most delicate packaging wise I do find the print extremely pleasing to the eye.

As many of you may be very aware I am a HUGE advocate for corals and tangerine cream fits the bill and also reminds me of my beloved Cut a Caper from MAC ( review here). Tangerine Cream is a fairly pale orange toned lippy which may have to be built up for a more visible coat of coral or can be worn as a lighter based coral with one subtle slick. The pigmentation of loud lips aren't fantastic and for me, a brighter lip fan, you may need to build up two or three layers which will then last on the lips for around two to three hours. However, this doesn't really bother me in the slightest as I absolutely adore the creamy formula of the range which feel baby bottom soft and smell good enough to eat.  True to the name, Tangerine Cream, the shade is a milky orange which is best suited for the warmer months or for a subtle work lipstick.

For £7 I swear by their range and only wish their were more shades available as they are a really moisturising treat for my winter windsmacked lips. Have you tried much from the Look Beauty Range?

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  1. such a pretty colour! love it x

  2. gorgeous colour, i really need to try these :D the packaging looks really sturdy :D xo

  3. I've never thought to try any of their lipsticks before, but these looks so beautiful I might just have to! Xxx

  4. The colour really suited your skin. Wise choice.

  5. What a pretty colour! It looks lovely on you :) Will definitely have to try out their lipsticks!


  6. This is such a pretty colour. Really sweet & subtle. Its lovely on you too.

  7. This colour is so pretty! I wanted to try some of the Look lipstick as they have nice colour range. xo

  8. Omg i love that shade, gorgeous :0

    Sophierosehearts x

  9. I love all LoudLip products so will def be trying this and reviewing. Thanks for the reccomendation x

  10. So I'm a new follower, I just love the look of your blog and your pretty little icon, plus you're extremely gorgeous!

    Found you by clicking on your link from BillieJean! xoxox

  11. This suits you :)
    However I think that this is too orangey for my skin tone but I'll look into their other shades :) xx


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