Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Spring Beauty Edit

Spring happens to be my favourite season, for one I'm an April baby, two it's a happy medium between too hot and too cold, and three has to be my spring time make-up stash...

Spring time marks the transition from autumnal plums to perky pastel shades, and I'm particularly loving the new scented pastel collection from Models Own. I spent a good ten minutes or so perusing the Models Own counter in boots just scratchin' n' sniffin' the array of scents and eventually picked up Apple Pie, another gorgeous mint green to add to my ever growing hoard of pastel greens, and Grape Juice, a pinky toned lilac shade. During the colder months I really don't pay that much attention to my dainty digits but come spring/summer my nail polish stash comes out to play and pastels such as Essie's Ballet Slippers brighten up my day.

Coral hues, peaches, and pinks dominate my blush and lipstick picks with MAC's Cut A Caper and Betty Bright finding their way to top of the class, finished off with a slick of Pink Shell, a beautiful peachy pink lipgloss from Artistry. Come spring I truly own the title of cream blush convert as I wave bye-bye to powders for a more dewy finish, and my top choice at present is Stila's cream blush in the shade Lilium. Since bringing this bad boy home I have fallen a little bit in love with this blush which blends in effortlessly to reveal a dusty rose shade which appeals to my fair skin tone, and can also be used on both your cheeks and lips. I must say I have become a bit addicted to Stila's cream blush offerings and hope to get my mitts on Gerbera next. Another affordable option are Topshop or Revlon Cream blushes, Head Over Heels by Topshop is a staple in my spring/summer stash (review here).

Bronze based shadows, champagnes and rustic amber hues are also top of my spring time picks for the eyes with a new favourite being in the form of Stila's Smudge Pot in Kitten, as well as an old time classic MAC's All That Glitter's which adds just the right amount of colour when swept over my lids.

What are your Spring time picks?

Not all the items displayed in the photo above have been mentioned but feel free to ask any questions in the comments or on twitter @ohlittlered 
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  1. You've chosen some lovely products! I love the VIVO blush in peaches and cream from Tesco, it's my absolute favourite blush, I did a review of it quite a while ago, but it's just the perfect peachy, springy blush.
    Eleanor x


  2. Lilium is so gorgeous! I've always wanted Cut A Caper xx

  3. It truly is, I'm such a cream blush convert! x

  4. I haven't really tried much from Vivo, might have to give this a go! x

  5. Amazing pics! I love spring make up too and have treated myself to a couple of the fruit pastels polishes! :) x

  6. Gorgeous picture, I'm addicted to my Stila convertible colour in gladiola, it's amazing and stays on all day :)

  7. They're stunning aren't they! x

  8. I really want to try that one out too but was so bright in the pan! x

  9. I NEED all of these!
    Love the colour of the topshop lipstick, so bright!


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  10. It's called 'All About Me' :) x


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