Saturday, 6 April 2013

mr. blue sky

lace collar top - topshop
rita trousers - monki
konnie cage cut out sandals - topshop

Today has been b-e-a-utiful! Spring cleaning done all that was left to do was to bask in the sunshine, finally. Me and Jon made a little picnic and sat watching the Arsenal game in my garden. My house backs on to a farmers field which is also used a public footpath where everyone takes their dogs to walk by the local horse fields, it really did feel like Summer today. I hope this weather keeps up, I smell the first BBQ of the year on its way. It's also my birthday in two weeks time and I'd love the sun to stick around.

There was a  massive cofuffle with my topshop order that I made over a month ago, after various e-mails I finally found out my order had been lost by the courier. Topshop sent me over a speedy refund and I had re-do my whole order only to find out the konnie cage cut out sandals that I'd wanted in tan were sold out, thankfully they had some left in black. I LOVE THEM. They're so comfy and go with pretty much everything. What do you think?
I also picked up these blue and white print trousers from Monki. I find trousers like these great for the British Summer. I'm not one to get my bare legs out a lot, I find them shockingly pasty and I can never be bothered to fake tan so loose elasticated trousers are my saviour. I picked up quite a few pairs of printed trousers recently and I think I've become a bit addicted to their genie like quality. 

Are you enjoying the sunshine where you are? 

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  1. Your shoes are gorgeous :) x

  2. I really like this outfit, it is so perfect for spring. I'm finding myself more and more interested in trousers like these, something different to jeans :)

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  3. I couldn't resist :) x

  4. My thoughts exactly! And yeah jeans are way too constricting in hotter weather xx


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