Thursday, 3 January 2013

Candle Crush

Cold nights call for an assortment of pick me ups, the standard hot water bottle, fluffy slipper socks, a onesie thrown in the mix but, for me, to complete mission 'get snug' I always have a scented candle or two burning...
Whilst some fall head over heels for a mug of hot chocolate and a bubble bath, my festive crush is candles. I absolutely love the affect a flame can create when cosying up in bed with a good book or a Made In Chelsea catch up, bliss! So, here's the run down of the seasonal scents that have taken pride of place on my bedside shelf...

An age old favourite, the Yankee Candle. The obvious choice. Christmas Cookie is my top choice and I kept this burning away filtering my room with sickly sweet hues during the run up to Christmas. My housemates would walk past my room sniffing the air, my room smelt like my very own sweet shop after a few hours burning this bad boy. I'm normally opposed to overly sweet smells but this one is rather scrummy if I do say so myself. Frosted cupcake is like Christmas Cookies smaller but still as sickly sweet sister, I may have squealed a tad when my mum brought me this back from across the pond. These candles smell like the most heavenly vanilla and buttercream cakes, so go on indulge yourself!
 For those of you who are more partial to spicier scents and milder floral aroma's then I have accumulated quite the modest collection. Lily-flame candles are a new purchase of mine after spotting their festive candle tins in an online sale. Normally priced around £8 each I picked up Winter Wood - think ferns and pine -, Cranberry Crush - a light fruity scent-, Silent Night - a dreamy concoction of chamomile and fresh floral fragrances-, and finally Snow fall which reminds me of fresh bed sheets. Not only are the tins incredibly cute but they don't leave that sooty black mess that sticks around the sides, I have that problem with my Yankee Candle tubs and am constantly sweeping the sides with a tissue!

Are you a fellow candle lover? What are your favourites?

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  1. I've been loving candles at the moment! Christmas cookie is my favourite too :)xo

  2. Oh Christmas Cookie, so delicious! I have the Madagascar Spice one that smells so incredible!

    x Joanna @ The Treasure Chest

  3. I love the Lily-frame candles and used to have a brownie scented one which was gorgeous but it really didn't last as I was burning it all the time! I am a big fan of vanilla and apple scented candles too. Would love to get the Yankee Candle Red Velvet cupcake one, it smells good enough to eat!
    Lianne x

  4. I love the idea of candles but haven't yet ventured in to them. These ones look really pretty! x

  5. I've just recently started getting into candles! I'm going to ask for a Yankee candle for my birthday I think!xx

  6. I love Christmas Cookie. My sister got me a large jar of the Clean Cotton one as well. Not the most interesting but it's so clean and refreshing x

  7. I got my mum that snowfall one for christmas, she loves it :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  8. lots of lovely smells here i'm sure. I finished burning one of my favourite candles this evening. Might have to investigate and try some new scents! x

  9. I've got a 'Fairy Dust' one of them candles - absolutely gorgeous <3 x

  10. i love candles and cant wait to try some lily flame candles out


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